The Military College of South Carolina
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Energy Savings Report

Energy Performance Contract
The Citadel contracted with Ameresco, an energy efficiency solutions company, to establish energy performance measures that would guarantee the college an annual savings of more than $600,000.  During the year-long project, which was completed in December 2009, the following projects were completed:

  • Lighting retrofit:  lamps and ballasts were standardized throughout campus and fitted with occupancy sensors.  This new energy efficient combination also reduces maintenance.
  • Water and irrigation upgrade:  500 flush valves on toilets and urinals, 600 low-flow showerheads and 1,250 faucet adapters were installed to reduce water consumption on campus.  A new irrigation control system brought all campus irrigation systems under the control of a central computer system with a weather station.
  • Steam trap replacement:  700 steam traps on campus were replaced with new, energy efficient brands.
  • Steam line leak repair and insulation:  leaking valves and piping in campus steam pits were repaired and all piping was properly insulated.
  • Energy efficient transformers:  18 electric power transformers were replaced with load-matching transformers that waste less heat.
  • McAlister Field House gym demand ventilation:  outside air dampers for both large air handling units were replaced, and carbon dioxide occupancy detection sensors were installed.
  • Bond Hall annex windows:  windows in Bond Hall Annex were replaced, reducing the heating and cooling load.
  • Bond Hall chiller modification:  the partial load efficiency of the Bond Hall chiller was upgraded.
  • Primary Chiller Loop configuration:  new configuration allows any of the three chillers for Bond, Byrd and Duckett halls to cool all three buildings, which increases energy savings and allows for maintenance without shutting down heating and cooling.
  • Deas Hall Chiller replacement:  deficient chiller in Deas Hall replaced with more energy efficient model.
  • Capers Hall steam line:  new steam line connected to campus system.

State Energy Grants
In 2009, the college was awarded a $448,567 S.C. Energy Grant to complete eight projects which would save the college more than $85,000 annually.  The majority of the grant projects increased the coverage of The Citadel’s energy management control system of digital controls by replacing out-dated pneumatic controls and valves in three major academic buildings.  Variable speed drive technology was employed along with occupancy sensors to implement demand ventilation in several locations to reduce heating and cooling energy used.  An upgrade to two chillers in the Readiness Center increased their operating efficiency.  A total of 230 heating, ventilation and air conditioning units were upgraded to digital controls.  The projects were completed by the end of 2010.

Capers Hall mechanical upgrade
The mechanical equipment in Capers Hall, including the chiller, air handlers, heat exchangers, pneumatic controls and fan coil units were replaced with a new, more energy efficient system.  All of the units are now being controlled in the energy management system with digital controls.


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