The Military College of South Carolina
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Campus Religious Activities

The Chaplain to the Corps of Cadets also serves as the Director of Religious Activities. The college is fortunate to have over twenty campus pastors or ministry directors representing seventeen diverse religious groups, to include Catholic, Orthodox, Jewish, Muslim and ten Protestant denominations plus seven Nondenominational or Para-Church ministries. These leaders work together to maintain a strong religious foundation for the cadet's ethical and moral formation, one of the four pillars in The Citadel's development of principled leaders. Denominational group meetings are held every Monday evening and Para-Church groups meet each Thursday evening for study, fellowship and worship.

Denominational Faith Groups: Night/Time  
Baptist Collegiate Ministry Monday 1830  
  Thursday 1830  
      Fellowship Gathering Monday 1830  
      RCIA Thursday 1800  
      Bible Study Thursday 1830  
Anglican Monday 1830  
     Bible Study Thursday 1830  
Episcopal Monday 1830  
Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) Monday 1830  
Lutheran Campus Ministry (LCM) Monday 1830  
Orthodox Christian Fellowship Thursday 1830  
Charleston JOURNEY (PSA) (PCUSA) Monday 1830  
Reformed Christian Fellowship Monday 1830  
Wesley Foundation (United Methodist) Monday 1830  
    Men's Breakout Thursday 1830  
    Women's Breakout Thursday 1830  
    Knob Breakout Thursday 1830  

 Para-Church Interdenominational Groups:

CruMilitary (VALOR) 
Thursday 1830  
     Bible Study Monday 18:30  
     Ladies Bible Study Monday 18:30  
The Navigators Thursday 1830  
    Bible Study Monday 18:30  
Young Life Thursday 1830  
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Thursday 1830  
Campus Outreach Thursday 1830  
   Bible Study Sunday 2000  
Grace Girls (Campus Outreach Women) Monday 18:30  


In addition to the Chaplain to the Corps of Cadets, two other campus chaplains are provided by their respective Churches. These are the Catholic, and Anglican Chaplains. Together with the Chaplain to the Corps of Cadets, they provide pastoral counseling which is an important component in the overall design of The Citadel's advisory program. The Chaplain to the Corps of Cadets and campus pastors are available to assist students in dealing with life's problems in the context of religious faith. With the chaplain and campus pastors, students are assured of care, concern, and confidentiality, whatever their situation.

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