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The Summerall Chapel on the campus of The Citadel is the perfect place for your large wedding celebration or intimate affair. Anyone can be married in the Summerall Chapel regardless of their affiliation to The Citadel and cultural or faith background. Fees vary based on affiliation.

Weddings can be scheduled on Saturdays at 3-hour intervals, Sunday afternoons, and with exception, on Fridays during the summer. Weddings are not scheduled on certain weekends of the year, such as Parents’ Weekend, Homecoming, and graduation.

History of the chapel

A brief history of the Summerall Chapel can be found here.

The organ

A brief history of our organ can be found here and a history of our Carillon and Bell Tower can be found here.

Only chapel-approved organists may play the organ at a wedding.

Specifications of the Chapel

Summerall Chapel has a maximum occupancy of approximately 1,200. The main center aisle of the chapel is approximately 197’ in length, banked by 29 pews on each side, most of which are approximately 20’ wide.

There are 10 pews in the space to the right of the sanctuary and 10 pews in St. Alban’s Chapel, to the left of the sanctuary.

Aisle candles are provided upon request. There are 18 aisle candles, 9 on each side, beginning at the fourth pew from the front and repeating every three pews to the back of the church. Greenery can be temporarily affixed to the aisle candles. Pew markers are permitted, but they must slip or tie onto the pews. Pew markers may also not include any glass containers or anything holding water.

A pair of seven-candle candelabra and a large bouquet of white flowers are included in the rental of the Chapel. Other items available for your use include: two pulpits with microphones and lights, a wireless lapel mic your officiant, a padded kneeler, a baby grand piano, two tables for programs and or guest books.

There is a handicapped entrance to the right side of the Chapel.

In addition, the Bridal Room in Mark Clark Hall is available to the Bridal Party two hours prior to the start of the wedding.


The following guidelines should be considered prior to booking the Summerall Chapel for your wedding. Complete regulations and guidelines as dictated by State law and school policy are included in the reservation agreement.

  • The Citadel is an alcohol and tobacco-free campus.
  • Animals are prohibited in the Chapel unless it is a service animal.
  • Food and drink, with the exception of water, are not permitted in the Chapel.
  • Drones are not permitted on campus.
  • Fees for additional clean-up and repairs for damage to the Chapel caused by renters, vendors, or guests will be assessed.


One floral arrangement of white flowers and greenery are included in the cost of renting the Chapel for your wedding.

We ask that you refrain from throwing or dropping anything (i.e. flower petals, rice, birdseed, bubbles, etc.) inside or outside of the Chapel.

Please plan to secure any aisle or pew decorations with ribbon, elastic, or plastic pew clips that will not damage the pew in anyway. Glitter, flowers with shedding ferns, and aisle décor containing any glass (like a vase of water) are prohibited because of the clean-up required.

There are hooks on the doors on the outside of the Chapel doors and on the columns where wreaths may be affixed. Ribbon may be tied on the railings outside the Chapel, but they may not impede their usage in anyway.

Additional floral arrangements and decorations must be approved by the Wedding Manager.

Event Managers

A Chapel sexton will be assigned (there are no exception to this rule) to your wedding by the Wedding Manager. More often than not, this is a Citadel cadet who is well-versed in campus and Citadel policy. That person has a number of responsibilities including the lighting of the candles and cleaning of the chapel.  He or she is also able to direct your wedding in the event that you do not have a wedding planner to do so.

Campus Events and Parking

The Wedding Manager will make every effort to make you aware of any campus-wide event that may impede parking availability. Sports schedules are not published until after the end of the current season, so there is a risk of having limited parking when planning a wedding during those seasons.

Limited parking is available, but not guaranteed, in the front of the Chapel.

Scheduling Your Wedding

Contact Nicole DeNeane, Wedding Manager for the Summerall Chapel:

            (O) 843-953-6572
            (C) 843-779-5915

Weddings are scheduled on Saturdays at 12pm, 3pm, and 6pm. Rehearsals are scheduled at 4pm, 5pm, and 6pm on Friday afternoons. Catholic weddings may not be scheduled on Sundays or begin on Saturdays after 6pm.* Sunday weddings are permitted, but only after Sunday morning services. Friday weddings may be permitted by exception when classes are not in session.

Wedding reservations are for three hours and include a one-hour rehearsal the day before the wedding. The Wedding Manager will schedule your rehearsal.

*Catholic Weddings:  Prior to the confirmation of your wedding date and time, couples seeking a Catholic wedding must first contact Sara Cavallon at Sacred Heart Church, Mrs. Cavallon is responsible for the canonical paperwork for Catholic weddings. Additional fees and requirements are expected for Catholic weddings, so please contact Mrs. Cavallon to become aware of what will be asked of you prior to signing your contract with the Summerall Chapel.(Catholic Campus Ministry Wedding Policy and Guidelines)


Summerall Chapel Wedding Policy, October 2021

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