The Military College of South Carolina
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The Citadel Code

To revere God, love my country, and be loyal to The Citadel. To be faithful, honest, and sincere in every act and purpose and to know that honorable failure is better than success by unfairness or cheating.

To perform every duty with fidelity and conscientiousness and to make duty my watchword.

To obey all orders and regulations of The Citadel and of proper authority.

To refrain from intoxicants, narcotics, licentiousness, profanity, vulgarity, disorder, and anything that might subject me to reproach or censure within or without the college.

To be diligent in my academic studies and in my military training.

To do nothing inconsistent with my status as a cadet.

To take pride in my uniform and in the noble traditions of the college and never do anything that would bring discredit to them.

To be courteous and professional in my deportment, bearing, and speech, and to exhibit good manners on all occasions.

To cultivate dignity, poise, affability, and a quiet and firm demeanor.

To make friends with refined, cultivated, and intellectual people.

To improve my mind by reading and participation in intellectual and cultural activities.

To keep my body healthy and strong by physical exercise and participation in many sports.

To be generous and helpful to others and to endeavor to restrain them from wrongdoing.

To face difficulties with courage and fortitude and not to complain or be discouraged.

To be worthy of the sacrifices of my parents, the generosity of the state, and the efforts of all who teach and all who administer the college in order that I might receive an education and to recognize my obligation to them.

To make the college better by reason of my being a cadet.

To resolve to carry its standards into my future career and to place right above gain and a reputation for integrity above power.

To remember always that that honor of being a Citadel cadet imposes upon me a corresponding obligation to live up to this code.

The foregoing code is earnestly commended to all cadets as an interpretation of the ideals of The Citadel.

(Gen. Charles P. Summerall, USA, Ret., President, 1931-1953)

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