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The Citadel vs. VMI (October 29th, 2011)

We've got 'bout YOU?!


The Citadel vs. VMI Trivia Challenge

As part of our pre-game program, The Citadel posted trivia challenges each day this week regarding historical facts of both college's football programs. Those who answered questions correctly were entered into a drawing for free tickets to the game.

Answers to Thursday's questions:

What do Knobs outrank?
Knobs outrank the President's cat, the Commandant's dog, and all the captains at VMI.

In what year did VMI steal The Citadel's jeep?

What VMI grad coached at The Citadel & West Point?
Bobby Ross

What Citadel grad coached at VMI?
Cal McCombs

Answers to Wednesday's questions:

In what decade did each college have its longest winning streak?
The Citadel - 1990's
VMI - 1950's

In what year was the coveted Silver Shako trophy introduced?


Answers to Tuesday's questions:

In which year were the football programs started?
The Citadel's football program started in 1905, VMI's program in 1891.

Name the "touch down cannons" for each school and the year in which they were put into service?
The Citadel's cannon is named Boomer and it was first fired in 1957. VMI's cannon is Little John II, which has been fired since 1958. (The first cannon, Little John I was retired in 1957)

What are the nicknames and mascots for the two college teams?
The nickname for The Citadel is bulldogs. The nickname for VMI is the keydets.
The Citadel's mascot is Spike the Bulldog. The VMI mascot is Moe the Kangaroo.



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