The Military College of South Carolina
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XPT Status

Cadets on XPT status will still participate in physical fitness training however, their participation will be limited by their profile slip.  Cadets on XPT status will make all required formations (to include remedial PT) unless the Citadel Surgeon has specifically ordered otherwise.

No Physical Training [X-PT] – Not required to perform any official physical training (running, pushups, and/or sit-ups), “driving the stairs”, or “knobbyMust report in PT uniform to observe scheduled PT and remedial PT instruction. XPT status does not preclude light, conditioning exercise such as walking and swimming when not specifically prohibited by the Infirmary and Sports Medicine staffs.  These cadets are not excused from drill or parade.  This does not authorize “X-Uniform.”

No Running [X-Run] – Is issued for injury orIt means no running, double time, going up or driving stairs in the Barracks.  It does not mean “X-Pushup” or “X-Sit-up” and does not authorize “X-Uniform.”

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