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Friday 6 October 2017!

General Leave:

Upperclass:  After their last duty (but no earlier than 1300/1PM) until 0100/1AM.
Freshmen:   After their last duty (but no earlier than 1300/1PM) until 2400/12AM.

Key Events:
1030/10:30AM: General Rosa's Update to Parents and Families - Buyer Auditorium, Mark Clark Hall. 
1130/11:30AM: Pre-ordered boxed lunches available for pickup – Mark Clark Hall.
1245/12:45PM: Seniors March to McAlister Field House.
1300/1:00PM: Ring Presentation - McAlister Field House - Plan is to Streamed Live – we will post the link here when known
1800/6:00PM: Ring Walk-Through and Sword Arch Performance - McAlister Field House – see the schedule for the Companies below

Parent’s Weekend actually starts for Parents and Families on Friday the 6th of October. Although you are invited to every event, we know the Senior Parents and Families will be focused on the 1PM Ring Presentation and 6PM Ring "Walk-Through" in McAlister.  Senior Parents and Families should have received a letter from The Chairman of the Ring Committee that provides good information on the ceremony. If you didn’t, you can find it by CLICKING HERE.  You can also see the emails that have been sent to your Cadets from Cadet Activities concerning the Ring Walk-Through by CLICKING HERE.

Here is our recommendation for the day:

Make sure you and your Cadet coordinate when and where you will meet.  Note the General Leave schedule above, Underclassmen can leave as early as 1300/1PM. 

0930-1015: Pick up preordered T-Shirts and Totebags outside Buyer Auditorium in Mark Clark Hall.

1030-1130: President's Update to Parents -rosa update Buyer Auditorium in Mark Clark Hall. General Rosa, accompanied by his Senior Staff, will provide his update on the College to Parents. As your Cadet’s advisor, it is a great way to find out what issues he is working at the school and ask any questions you may have.  The Deans of the five schools and Director of the Study Abroad programs will be available to speak to you after the General completes his presentation.  We will record this presentation and post it on the website early next week. 

1130-1240: Lunch: Lunch on campus for Parents and Families will be limited this year due to the Canteen still being under construction.  You can visit the coffee shop in Daniel Library. Orders for the boxed lunches are now closed in order to provide the caterer the required number.  For those who did order lunches, ou can pick them up in Mark Clark Hall right after General Rosa’s presentation. 

pipeband ringsParents of the underclassmen will want to walk across the Parade Field around 1240/12:40PM to watch the Knobs line the street for the Seniors who will make their way to McAlister Field House for the Ring Presentation Ceremony (when the Seniors get their rings). Again, this should start around 1245 and be over by 1300 (1:00PM). Anyone is welcome to attend the Ring Presentation Ceremony, but if you come late, take the stairs to the second floor for seating.

Although you can attend the Ring Presentation Ceremony . . . your Knob Cadet will probably want to get off campus and not return until midnight!

Note for families of Regimental Band Members, the Band plays during the ceremony. They should be finished by 1430/2:30PM.

For parents of Knobs, you will find most want to sleep and then get something to eat. It is always good to get them back a little earlier than midnight.

You are invited to attend the Sword Arch Performance at 1800 (6PM) in McAlister Field House if you are interested. We recommend doing this at some point before your cadet is a senior since when it’s your time, you probably won’t have time to watch.

putting ring onFor Parents and Families of Seniors, the doors to McAlister Field House open Friday morning for the Ring Presentation Ceremony and, by the time the Seniors arrive, the Fieldhouse is packed. So plan accordingly.  Also the ceremony lasts until around 2:30PM, so you may want to grab a bite to eat before heading over there. CLICK HERE for information on the ring that you can quiz your cadet on.

After the Ring Presentations, the Seniors normally make a “nod” to the past by running to the Chapel (where I received my ring) then back to their company areas where they will spend some time with their classmates before being ready to depart campus. You should have plan where you will meet your Cadet after the ceremony because it will take some time to get everyone out of McAlister.

The Ring Walk-Though ring ceremony(where you walk through the Ring). The Sword Arch Performance begins at 1800 (6PM) sharp in McAlister Field House. At 1815 (6:15PM) Cadets and their special guests will begin their walk through the “Ring” starting with the Regimental Commander, Senior Class President, Regimental Activities Officer and the Ring Chairman. At 1820 (6:20PM) the Senior Football Players (need to get them to bed for the game the next day) and Active Duty Seniors will make their walk. The rest of the companies will follow by Battalions in the following order:

2nd Battalion

1st Battalion

3rd Battalion

4th Battalion

5th Battalion

As a reminder, especially for the earlier folks, traffic is at its worst on Friday afternoons in Charleston and then you have to find a place to park. Please plan on getting to McAlister Field House early. If you miss your time slot, you go to the back of the line and will go through after Alpha Company.

This is a fairly formal event. Keep in mind when you figure out what to wear that your Cadet and the VIPs will be in their most formal uniforms.

And finally, tell your Cadet to be prepared to introduce you to the VIPs (General and Mrs. Rosa and Captain and Mrs. Paluso) at the end of the walk. Over the past three years they have developed a habit of avoiding the Commandant . . . but this night, there is only one way out!

You can view Saturday's events by CLICKING HERE and Sunday's events by CLICKING HERE.

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