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2018 Parents' Day Weekend!

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Note this is the schedule for 2018.  The schedule for 2019 will not be published until September.  Since the schdule does not change significantly year-to-year, this is a good guide to go by for the various events - even the times. 

2019 Parents Day Weekend will be October 4-6, 2019.   


Update 1) Visitor Parking Plan for Saturday 13 October has been updated 

           2) We have worked withthe vendor to get two extra days for the shirt orders.  Will close them out midnight of the 25th of September.

October 12-14 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Parents’ Day Weekend Parents Webpage!  We hope to provide you with the information you will need to plan an enjoyable weekend here with your Cadet.  Please keep checking back for any updates.

We'll start with a summary of the General Leave Schedule followed by a summary of each day’s events which begins on Friday October 12th and goes through Sunday the 14th.  You can click on each day to get a more detailed description of each day and the various events. 

Also you will want to order your meals, t-shirts and tote bags as soon as possible as we will have to closeout orders for the shirts and tote bags by the 23rd 25th of September to ensure an on time delivery.  Once you figure out what you will need, please CLICK HERE to go to the ordering page. 

General Leave Summary
Make sure you verify the times with your cadet


  • Upperclassmen may leave after their last class and remain out until 1AM.
  • Freshmen may leave after their last military duty which will be after they line the street for the Seniors’ 1300 (1PM) March to McAlister Field House. They may remain out until 2400 (Midnight).

Note:  Regimental Band plays at the Ring Presentation at 1300, so if you have a Cadet in the Band, check with them to see when they think they will be able to begin leave. 

Saturday Night: General Leave begins after the football game

  • Upperclass to 0100.
  • Freshmen: 2400 – these could be modified by the President at the football game, so come and cheer loudly! 

SundayYou can pick up your cadets as early as 0530 (5:30AM)

  • Seniors must return by 2230 (1030PM).
  • Juniors, Sophomores and Freshmen must return by 1950 (7:50PM)

 Daily Events Summary - Dates are now correct

Friday:  12 October 2018ring photo 124

1030-1130 (10:30–11:30AM): General Glenn Walter’s Update to Parents–Buyer Auditorium, Mark Clark Hall 

1130-1230:  Pre-purchased box lunches available for pickup in Mark Clark Hall – limited to 600 prepaid orders.

1300-1430 (1-2:30PM): Class of 2019 Ring Presentations – McAlister Field House

1800: Sword Arch performance followed by the Ring Walk-Through Ceremony.  There will also be a Dance Hop in Deas Hall.

 Saturday: 13 October 2018

0800/8:00AM:  Band Rooms open for Parents – they will have to leave for the concert at 9:30

0830/8:30AM:   Barracks Open until 1015

0845/8:45AM:   Kelly Cup Finals - Padgett-Thomas Barracks Quad

0915/9:15AM:   The Citadel Rifle Legion Performance - PT Barracks 

citadel 1700796150930/9:30AM:   Band Concert - Parade Field in front of Padgett-Thomas Barracks

1010/10:10AM: Freshmen Promotion Ceremony (Company Areas)

1100/11:00AM: Dress Parade

1200/Noon:  Lunch - see more details on the individual days.  When ready to order, please CLICK HERE

  • Coward Hall – serving line - limited to 500
  • Deas Hall - Boxed Lunches
  • CFA BBQ Tailgate!!  Limited to 500.  Best Tailgate!
  • Pregame BBQ at the Holliday Alumni Center – Limited to 250

1300/1:00PM:   Formation and March to the Stadium

1400/2:00PM:   Kickoff – Go Dogs!  Beat East Tennessee State!!  Get your tickets HERE!

Sunday: 14 October 2018

0900: Anglican Communion Service in Mark Clark Hall Room 230

1000: General Protestant Worship in Summerall Chapel

1130: Catholic Mass in Summerall Chapel

Weather: This far out, it is too hard to tell what the weather will be like.  We are hoping for a beautiful weekend with lots of sunshine so please remember to bring sunscreen and sunglasses. You may want to consider bringing a hat for shade, or better yet, check out the Citadel bookstore for the latest in Citadel headgear!  

Map: You can find the map of campus by CLICKING HERE.

Traffic: Traffic in Charleston can be unpredictable. Worst times are Monday-Friday afternoons. Please plan accordingly.  Recommend getting to campus early and waiting in Mark Clark Hall if too hot outside.

Parking: Despite Cadets moving their vehicles off campus for the weekend, we still have a shortage of parking.  Friday's Parking Plan can be accessed by CLICKING HERE.  Saturday's plan can be found by CLICKING HERE.  .

Parking in surrounding areas: Please be aware that parking regulations in Charleston are strictly enforced by authorities. We have requested, but not yet received permission from the City to park in Hampton Park during Parents Weekend.  Please don't park there or you risk getting a ticket, a boot, or towed by city authorities. Street parking can be found but pay close attention to the signs and limitations.

Shoes: Keep in mind there will be a lot of walking, so make sure you wear some comfortable shoes!

Saturday is a pretty full day. Make sure you get some rest Friday night!

For each day's events and recommendations, please click on the links below:

Friday 12 October 2018

Saturday 13 October 2018

Sunday 14 October 2018

We hope you have a great weekend! Check back here for updates!

Go Dogs!

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