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Saturday October 13, 2018!

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General Leave 
Upperclass: after the game until 0100/1AM
Freshmen: after the game until 2400/12AM

Key Events
0800/8AM:         Band Rooms (only) open for Parents
0830/8:30AM:    Barracks Open - All Barracks
0845/8:45AM:    Kelly Cup Finals - Padgett-Thomas Barracks Quad
0915/9:15AM:    The Citadel Rifle Legion Performance - PT Barracks
0930/9:30AM:    Band Concert - Parade Field in front of Padgett-Thomas Barracks
1010/10:10AM:  Freshmen Promotion Ceremony (Company Areas)
1100/11:00AM:  Dress Parade
1145/11:45AM:  Lunch 
1300/1:00PM:    Formation and March to the Stadium
1400/2:00PM:    Kickoff – Go Dog’s!  Click here to get your tickets

If you arrive early to get a good parking place, plan on stopping by the Library and grabbing a cup of coffee and pastry at Brewed Awakenings. They will open at 0730 (7:30AM). 

We open the barracks at 8AM for those citadel 170087507parents whose Cadets are in the Band since they have to leave early for their 9:30AM performance.  So the first event for everyone else on Saturday morning is Open Barracks at 0830. This is a great time for your Cadet to show you their room – hopefully how clean it is - and share some of their stories.  Before you leave, make an agreement on where you will meet your Cadet after parade. 

0845 (8:45AM): Make you way to Padgett-Thomas Barracks (the one with the clock tower) in time to watch the impressive Kelly Cup finals. The Kelly Cup is awarded to the best drilled Freshman squad.  Each company enters their best and over the days prior to Saturday that number is whittled down to the best four squads in the Corps.  If you have time, plan on watching as they have put in a lot of work to get where they are.

0915 (9:15AM): After Kelly Cup stand-by in PT Barracks for a performance by The Citadel's Rifle Legion.  When they finish, walk out in front of PT Barracks and enjoy a concert put on by the world famous Regimental Band!  Like those in the Kelly Cup competition and Rifle Legion, these young folks have been working very hard to put on a presentation just for you!

1010 (10:10AM): For parents of Knobs, DO NOT BE LATE for the Freshmen Promotion Ceremony in the respective Company Areas. During this ceremony your Cadet Recruit will drop the “Recruit” from their rank and move their Company Letter from their pocket to their collar.

After the Promotion Ceremony, the barracks will close to allow the cadets to prepare for parade. As you make your way to the area where you intend to watch the parade, enjoy the Carillion Concert.  As a reminder, the companies line up on the Parade Field from left to right left starting with the Band then alphabetically across the Parade Field.

citadel 171100 (11AM): The Dress Parade. There are several highlights to this parade.  First is the joining of the Corps by the Freshmen Cadets.  Second a Jeep Review of the Corps by General Walters and the Regimental Commander.  Parade should be complete by 1145.

The next part is tricky because your cadets will have to drop off their rifles then meet you for lunch.  With kickoff at 2PM, they will have to be back in the barracks to form up to march over to the stadium around 1PM. 

LUNCH.  You have several options for lunch, but you MUST REGISTER for the meals in Coward and Deas Hall as well as the CFA BBQ and CAA BBQ.  Your Cadet has already paid for their meal in Coward and Deas Halls only.  They will have to pay if you decide to eat at the CFA and CAA BBQs.

1) Coward Hall: 14.00 per person - maximum 500 people - experience where, what and how your cadet eats every day.  Because the Band has a tight turn for their next performance, the Band and their Parents are invited to eat in the Riverview Room.  When you register look for the option that identifies yourself as a Band Parent.

2) Deas Hall:  Box lunches - 10.00 each – maximum of 600 people.  Each box has a sandwich, chips, granola bar, cookies, and bottled water

Notes for Coward and Deas Halls meals:

a)  All options are free for cadets but tickets are required (Cadet ticket included in your order)
b)  Free for children under 3 if sitting on parent’s lap (no ticket needed)
c)  Vegetarian meals available upon request

3) CFA TAILGATE!!  Back by popular demand!  The Citadel Family Association BBQ takes place right by the stadium so it is easy to walk over and watch the Corps march by on Hagood Avenue just prior to the game.  We will be located over at the corner of Congress and Hagood Avenue.  Just go to the statue of the Bulldog by the Stadium and follow its tail!  We have to limit our numbers to 500 so order early!  Cost is $15 per person.  You need to include your cadet in your payment if they attend with you.

 4) CAA BBQ Lunch:  Each week the Citadel Alumni Association serves a BBQ lunch in the Holliday Alumni Center (HAC).  Cost is $12 per person and they limit the number to 250.  You will have to pay for your Cadet at this venue as well.

CLICK HERE to register for your meals and purchase your t-shirts and tote bages.  Remember you have to have tote and shirt orders in by midnight of the 23rd of September

In case you don't register in time, you can always get a bite at the Canteen (remember Chik-fil-a) or inside the Football Stadium.

At approximately 1315/1:15PM the Regimental Band will lead the Corps to the Stadium.  They stop by the HAC enroute to help people get in the mood to cheer on the “Dogs”.  The remainder of the Corps will march down Hagood Avenue around 1330/1:30PM to prepare for their march onto the field.  After you see your Cadet in formation, we recommend you head into the stadium to watch the Corps enter the stadium and render honor to our nation and guests. 

1400 (2PM): Kickoff of citadel170081563The Citadel/East Tennessee State football game! This is a key game for the 'Dogs as they continue their quest for another Southern Conference Championship! If you haven't gotten your ticket, there are a variety of ticket prices to meet every budget and vary from the East side to the West side. Click on this link to find a ticket that works best for you and your family.

citadel 170136694Something to look forward to is the Summerall Guards halftime performance. Notice how quiet it gets.

After the game. Cadets are allowed to leave after the game. Freshmen are required to return to their barracks by midnight. Upperclass, not on an overnight, need to return by 0100 (1AM). During the game the Commandant and Regimental Commander may provide a recommendation to the President on whether to modify when Cadets need to return to campus.  Any changes will be announced over the stadium PA system at the end of the game (So Cheer Hard!).

You can view Friday's events by CLICKING HERE and Sunday's events by CLICKING HERE.

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