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Matriculation Day 2021

What to Expect on Matriculation Day!

We wanted to provide you with a little moreCadre Corporal information about Matriculation Day to help you plan your day and manage your expectations.  Before getting into the day you may want to open the campus map in a new window to refer to as we go down through the different events.

One word of caution, as many of you know we are still dealing with COVID.  As of the printing of this article, our plan is to conduct a traditional Matriculation Day and strongly encourage you to wear a mask - we hope you will help us start the year off with healthy cadets!.  You should check back at this site and the Parent Portal for any changes that may be made. 

Matriculation Day activities actually start on Friday, August 13, 2021 with a number of events and ends with the taking of the Cadet Oath on Monday.  Although they are not mandatory, they do help you get familiar with the campus and some of the services we provide.

FRIDAY AUGUST 13, 2021    

Uniform Fitting for Female Cadets
Cadet Store (#32)
Strongly Encouraged!

The uniforms issued to the female cadets  require extra measurements and tailoring compared to the male uniforms.  The staff at the Cadet Store offers this service on Friday to make sure the women’s uniforms are properly tailored and ready for issue with their male counterparts.  Make sure you bring your black military shoes.  This is a service you should not miss.  Strongly Encouraged!   

Student Success Center Open House and Drop‐in for Services for Students w/Disabilities
Thompson Hall (#14)

We hope you take some time to visit our Student Success Center and meet the staff who enjoy helping cadets succeed in their academics and student life.  Come learn about all the different services that you have paid for and are available to your student if they ask. 

Embedded in the Student Success Center is our Office of Services for Students with Disabilities.  If your incoming cadet has a documented disability, to include learning, physical, health or psychiatric disabilities, and needs academic accommodations, we strongly encourage taking the time to meet with our Director, Shannon McKenzie, to find out how your student can qualify for services.  If you aren’t sure whether they will need these services, we also recommend coming in and speaking with Shannon so your student will know where to come in the event they decide to apply for them later in the school year.  It would be helpful if you let Shannon know you plan to stop by sending her an email at and reviewing the information on her website at .

1842 Scholars Reception (Invitation Only)
Holliday Alumni Center (HAC) (#56)

This reception is for those incoming freshmen and their families who have been selected to participate in the 1842 Scholars Program.  Invitations have been sent via email.  If you are an incoming 1842 Scholar and did not receive an invitation, please contact Jamie Frishberg at .

Incoming Female Freshmen Reception
Holliday Alumni Center (HAC) (#56)

We are excited that about 14% of the incoming class will be women!  This reception is designed to introduce them to other members of their class and some of the upperclass leadership who have reported early to serve on the cadre.  This has become a very powerful event for the female members of the entering class, which we hope all can attend.

The Gathering Church Service
Summerall Chapel (#5)

A nice way to end the afternoon and mark the 20200125 CP BuildingMugs 025beginning of an unforgettable four-year experience with others who are going through the same thing as you.  During the service Chaplain Meadows will take some time to introduce the many religious programs available to all cadets.


The Religious Ministries Fair
Buyer Auditorium
2nd Floor of Mark Clark Hall (#9)

We will transition from The Gathering Service over to Mark Clark Hall to meet with the different Chaplains and Heads of the different religious programs on campus.  The Religious Programs can play a significant role in your cadet’s Citadel career, especially their first year.  Although not mandatory, they can provide a brief respite from the stresses of the 4th Class System, great comradery and a good meal!  It is well worth your time to stop by and meet the leaders of the various programs in which your cadet may have an interest.

Honors Program Supper (Invitation Only)
Riverview Room
2nd Floor of Coward Hall (#39)

This annual supper, hosted by the Honors Program Director, welcomes new Honors Program students and their families. 

African‐American Alumni Mentor Reception (Invitation Only)
Holliday Alumni Center HAC (#56)

The Citadel African American Alumni Association and the Office of Multicultural Student Services have joined together to offer mentors to our incoming African American freshmen cadets. Invitations will arrive the week before Matriculation Day.  If you havn't receievd an invitation by August 11th, please contact Robert Pickering at .  



20201130 CP CampusMap 012OK, the day has finally come.  Hope you and your family get a goodnight sleep and are ready to go!  You will be making three stops with your car:  1) the Holliday Alumni Center (known as the HAC – pronounced “hack” - #56), then the 2) Barracks and 3) Parking area based on your incoming cadet’s company assignment.  Cadets will be posted along the way to make sure you get to where you need to go, so put that worry aside. 
All you have to do is to get to:

Holliday Alumni Center
69 Hagood Avenue
Charleston SC, 29403

The HAC is located right across from the football stadium.  When you get there, you will get in line with the other cars who get their before you.  Stay in your car - you will not need to get out until you get to the barracks. 

The first car will drive under the front portico at 7:00AM and the last by 9:30AM – meaning you should be plan to be here before 9:00AM to ensure you are checked in at the HAC by 9:30AM.  Here the incoming cadets receive their company assignment and directions to Lesesne Gate – again, cadets will be at every corner to make sure you get to the gate.  We’ve streamlined the process at the HAC over the years so expect the line to move very quickly.  The line will be long, but it will not take long to move everyone through.  So be patient.

On Friday, you and your cadet should agree on when they would like to arrive.  Most are ready to get started and arrive before 7AM.  Keep in mind, the later you come, the more rushed you will be at the barracks.  Remember the latest you should arrive by is by 9AM, which will give you about an hour to get to the barracks, move everything into their room and say your goodbyes.

From the HAC you will be directed to proceed to campus via Lesesne Gate.  When you enter Lesesne Gate, cadet guides will see the company letter you received at the HAC in your window and provide directions to the appropriate barracks.  When you pull up to the barracks your car will be swarmed by a bunch of upperclass parent volunteers wearing blue CFA shirts (aka “The Blue Shirt Army”).  These folks have come to help you and your incoming cadet move your cadet's gear into their room.  The first step will be to get the gear out of the car and put it on the sidewalk.  Once the car3 4924 is unpacked, you will go and park your car while your incoming cadet will go through the entrance to the battalion (known as the “sallyport”) to check-in with the representative from Admissions and then their company First Sergeant – make sure they bring their cell phones with them.   There they will receive their room key, initial set of PT uniforms, room assignment – and turn in their phones.  Don't worry, they will get them back in 8 days!

20200808 CP MatriculationDay 155About the time you return from parking your car, they should be coming out of the barracks to start moving their gear to their rooms.  As of right now, you will be able to go up with them with the help of the Blue Shirt Army.  All freshmen are housed on the 3rd and 4th floors, so get ready for a hike!   The exception are those assigned to Regimental Band where the rooms are on the first floor of Second Battalion.

After unpacking it is time for the awkward moment between parents and cadets. . .when do you leave their room?  One answer is you have to leave by 10AM.  The other answer - and the one we hope you will use - is when your cadet is ready for you to leave.  You may not be ready when they are, but this is one of those times you need to pick up on their cues, say your goodbyes - which includes how proud you are of them - and depart.

Starbucks, Chick-a-filet and the bookstore will be open if you arrive early and want to wait for the President's remarks.

President's Address To Parents and Families
McAlister Field House (#21)

After saying goodbye to your cadet, we hope5142 you will come over to McAlister Fieldhouse, grab a pastry and coffee, meet other parents and hear from the senior members of the Administration.  Signs will be out front to show which entrance to enter based on your batallion.  When you enter you will be greeted by CFA volunteers who will show you the way to the food and where those in your company will be sitting.

The President, Provost, Commandant and Chair of the CFA will begin their remarks at 1045 and remain afterwards to answer any questions.  Since the event is held in an enclosed area with lots of people, the Clear Bag Policy will be in effect (you will get one at the HAC courtesy of the CFA) and we ask that you please wear your mask!

The presentation should be over by 11:45AM.  At that time your work here is done!  We encouraged you to head on home or explore the wonderful city of Charleston.  There will not be an opportunity to see your cadet because they will be eating then going into various locations on campus for training and in-processing with their cadre.  We ask that you respect the time they have with their Cadre since they have a lot to do in a short period of time!    

OK, now that you have the details, get a visual look of Saturday's events with the Commandant and Sergeant Major Yagle by clicking here.


The Cadet Oath Ceremony
Summerall Field (#4)

After three days of training and getting everything they need to be a cadet, the entire freshman class will march on to the parade field to take the Citadel Cadet Oath:

I, [name], hereby engage to serve as a cadet in The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, until graduation or until I shall be discharged by proper authority; and I promise to support loyally the constituted authorities thereof as long as I remain a member of the corps of cadets.

I will remain loyal to the ideals, values, and goals of the citadel.  I further promise that I will never bring discredit on the citadel or the South Carolina Corps of Cadets.  I take this obligation freely and without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion.

Citadel 170044801Families are welcome to attend the ceremony, but don’t expect to engage with your cadet since they will be coming from training events and going straight to dinner.  Our Office of Communication and Marketing will livestream the ceremony and posts it on the followong two sites:



Finally, after Matriculation Day you will receive a link to a survey from our Office of Institutional Research.  We hope you will take a few minutes to tell us about your experience and let us know where we can improve.  

We wish you the best of luck as you and your family start this next chapter of life with your cadet.  As hard as you prepare, you may find that you forgot something when you arrive and unpack.  Don't worry about it.  Everything they will need can be purchased here.  It will be ok!     

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