The Military College of South Carolina
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Athletic Achievement


Athletic Achievement is a Tier 5 event. All varsity and club sport cadet-athletes may earn points for their companies based on outstanding athletic achievements. However, team managers and trainers, student coaches, and team employees are not eligible to earn points based on their team’s performance.


Individual Achievement (e.g., All-American status) earns points for the cadet’s company. Team achievement (e.g., team conference champion) earns “one-time” points for each company represented by the team. For example, the tennis team wins a conference title; multiple team members are from the same company. Therefore, each company represented earns 20 points.


It is the responsibility of company athletic officers to report corps squad and club sports achievements. Reports must be sent in writing to the Director of Intramurals. The final deadline to submit reports is 1800 on the last day of class in the fall and spring semesters. Points earned after the last day of class may be carried forward into the next academic term. Athletic Officers reporting any corps squad or club sport achievement must report all.


Each cadet’s points for Athletic Achievement are capped at 35 points per year.

Accomplishment Achievement Points
World Champion 30
National Champion 30
Regional Champion 30
All-American 30
Athlete of the Year 20
Conference Champion 20
All-Conference Athlete (1st) 20
All-American (Academic) 15
Conference Record Holder 10
*Invitation Champion 10
All-Conference Athlete (2nd) 10
All-Conference Athlete (Freshmen) 10
Athlete of the Month 10
Athlete of the Week (National) 10
Athlete of the Week 0
School Record Holder 0

* Cadet captains for each corps squad or club sport team may designate one competitive event during each playing season.

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