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Sigma Delta Psi in Intramurals


Sigma Delta Psi is a year-long event within intramurals to support students working toward induction into The Citadel chapter. Events require superior individual athletic skill and/or physical fitness. For BOV Trophy purposes, Sigma Delta Psi is a Tier 5 event.

Sigma Delta Psi is an honorary athletic fraternity that promotes the total fitness of male college students with an emphasis on physical fitness. The Citadel became a charter member on February 1, 1960, as the Epsilon Beta chapter. Students have from matriculation until graduation to achieve passing marks in the Sigma Delta Psi events and earn a place in the Citadel's Sigma Delta Psi Fraternity.


All currently enrolled male students may participate.


Students may test through a Required Physical Education Course (RPED 140), Intramural Athletics, or under supervision of any Health and Human Performance faculty member or Sigma Delta Psi member.


Each cadet’s points for Sigma Delta Psi are capped at 35 points per year. Event marks must be 90% or better than the standard to earn participation points during the academic year of the attempt. The final deadline to attempt events for intramural points in the current academic year is 1800 on the last day of class. Attempts will be reported to the Director of Intramurals using the Sigma Delta Psi testing form.

The record of student marks will be kept on file so that he may continue attempts to achieve induction into the Citadel’s Sigma Delta Psi chapter. Achievement points for earning this honor will be posted during the academic year of induction.

Event Standard 90%
100 yd Run 11.6 sec or less 12.5 sec or less
120 yd Hurdles 16 sec or less 17.6 sec or less
Running High Jump based on height and weight
Running Broad Jump 17 ft or more 15 ft 3 in or more
16-lb Shot Put based on height and weight
Rope Climb 12 sec or less 13.2 sec or less
Golf Shot 4 out of 5 or better 3 out of 5 or better
Baseball Throw 250 ft or more 225 ft or more
Football Punt 120 ft or more 108 ft or more
100 yd Swim 1 min 45 sec or less 1 min 56 sec or less
1 Mile Run 6:00 or less 6:36 or less
Front Handspring land on feet land on feet
Handstand 10 sec or more 9 sec or more
Fence Vault Chin height or more chin height less 8 in
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