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How do I apply for a passport?

How much did you spend per month?

  • On average, students who studied abroad in past semesters spent between $500-$750 per month.
What was the most useful thing you took with you?
  • Laptop
How accessible are computers?
  • Internet café’s are available in most European cities, but check with your program provider or program director to find out if there will be computer labs available to you at your host university.
Are the classes harder?
  • Most students reported back that the classes were comparable to Citadel coursework, not harder or easier.
What about cell phones?
  • Check with your service provider to compare international calling plans. Some programs offer a discounted rate for international cell phones and service plans so check with them so see if any special programs exist. If you bring your laptop or have computer access, remember that Skype is free and a great way to keep in contact with your friends and family at home.
Can I use my financial aid package for study abroad?
  • You may use your financial aid package to cover study abroad, however check with the financial aid office to discuss payment plans and disbursement for independent programs.
What about my scholarships while I am away?
  • Although your grades are processed as pass/fail while you are abroad if you have a scholarship a grade/point system will be assigned to ensure you fulfill your scholarship requirements.
Should I use a credit card or debit card?
  • Most countries accept Visa and MasterCard as well as debit cards. Check with your bank to find out international service fees and see if there is a partner bank in the country or city you will be in that offers low transaction fees.
How do I avoid high banking fees?
  • Do your research before you go to find out which banks offer the lowest transaction fees for withdrawal.
Do I need a student visa?
  • Depending on what country you are traveling to and how long you will be there you may have to obtain a student visa. Your program provider will inform you whether one is required or not before your departure and how to go about getting one.
What are some good travel guides?
  • Rick Steeves, Frommers, Trip Advisor, STA Travel, and Bus2Alps offers reasonable student trips around Europe.



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