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Purchasing FAQs

What is a department allowed to do without Procurement Services involvement?

Authorized individuals may purchase non-restricted items with a Citadel issued Purchase Card up to $2,500. The Citadel Purchase Card enables the authorized individual to purchase non-restricted commodities directly from the vendors. The Purchase Card is issued in the authorized individual’s name with the State of South Carolina emblem and the wording “For Official Use Only” and “The Citadel” clearly indicated on the card.  See Purchase Card Policies and Procedures Manual.

Who has general approval authority?

Deans, department heads, managers, or directors over a particular area generally have the authority to approve purchase requests. In accordance with state regulations and college policies, some items require additional approval both at the college and the state levels.

Specific Approval Authority - examples of items requiring additional approval:

What Who Must Approve
Sole Source Vice President for Finance
Emergencies Vice President for Finance
All Information Technology and Telecommunication needs (hardware, software, and services) Director of Information Technology Services
Purchase Orders Director of Procurement Services or Procurement Officers

What procedures are required to contract for Professional Services?

The Citadel requires the Director of Procurement Services sign the “Contract for Professional Services” prior to the PO being generated. Contracts in which the fee is under $2,500 will be submitted on a purchase requisition and will be processed without solicitation of competition.  Fees up to $10,000 will be processed if the price is considered fair and reasonable. Professionals with fees over $2,500 who are unique in their applicability to college programs may qualify for “Sole Source” procurement action. The “Contract for Professional Services” form is available on the Financial Services site here.

What items are prohibited from purchasing with public funds?

The following lists some of the items considered “PROHIBITED purchases with public funds.” However, this is not to say all other items are acceptable. As users of public funds, we are accountable to every taxpayer and are subject to a higher standard of justification. All departments are to keep this in mind with every purchase.

Some of the most common PROHIBITED items include the following:

  • Individual Professional Dues
  • Coffee Supplies
  • Microwaves and Other Employee Lounge Items
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Items for Personal Use
  • Greeting Cards
  • Gifts for Faculty or Staff
  • Farewell/Retirement Gifts

Who has legal authority to purchase goods and/or services for The Citadel?

The Procurement Code and the President of The Citadel have delegated the purchasing authority to the Director of Procurement Services and the Procurement Staff. Purchases made by other individuals are unauthorized and will not be approved retroactively. Individuals may be held personally liable for purchases without authority. This statement is true regardless of the source of funds. Orders cannot be placed with a Purchase Requisition. This is not a binding document and cannot be used until a purchase order is generated.

Who has legal, binding authority to sign a Citadel contract?

All contracts must be reviewed by the Director of Procurement Services and The Citadel's General Counsel. Contracts up to $10,000 may be signed by the Director of Procurement Services. All contracts in excess of $10,000 must be signed by the VP for Finance or the President.

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