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The Facebook Lifeline

Written by Charlene Gunnells
Wednesday, 25 August 2010 09:12

For Band Company cadets, Facebook is a lifeline while in Scotland. It replaces cell phones and expensive international calling plans as a way to stay in touch with family and friends. It's an email substitute and it is how the cadets are communicating with each other. You can set your clock (11:15 p.m. Eastern plus five hours, of course) by their log on times following each night's Tattto performance.

Facebook is how the cadets are sharing their photos, videos and experiences performing in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo and as tourists in Scotland. You have to be "friends" to see much of this information. I am lucky to have many of the band members among my Facebook friends now. So I put together a sampling of their wall posts so you could see what they are thinking and how they are feeling as their trip to Scotland winds down. The band returns to Charleston on Sunday.

mitchellFor Facebook novices, a status update consists of your name and a statement immediately following it. Sometimes it's a complete sentence, sometimes it is nothing more than a random thought. We did clean up punctuation and typos so the posts are readable. The way a Facebook post is written speaks to the personality of the writer so we did not make changes that would take that away or that altered online social networking lingo, such as "u" for the word "you."

Kenyon Cowart: just performed for 9,000 people! What an awe inspiring experience!

Aaron Buchhop: Scotland is wonderful but exhausting.

Joshua Rodgers: About to run to Arthur's Seat. This is going to kill me...5 or so hours of sleep.

Justin Brooks: First show playing in the mass bands. It was AWESOME!!!

Christopher Mitchell misses home...

Will Lewis had an awesome run around the mountain. I love this place.

Tori Rulon: I love Scotland.

Will Moore: Running a mountain in the a.m... yay? :/

A.J. Harley: Scotland.... why u always rainin' on me?!

Jack Washington: Drum line feature is crazy!!!!!

dillahey_4Danielle Vincent had the most intense day of practice for the tattoo, so exhausted but I can't wait to finally perform and have that adrenaline rush. So thankful that I have the opportunity to take part in something so huge! :) Thought status: Moving to Scotland asap!

Ashley Sparks fed a Highland Cow today!

Cameron Lazar: Last night was the best night I've had since I got here.

Benny Huerta: Getting a tattoo while in the tattoo.

Matthew McGuirk: Never thought this would happen but somehow, rehearsing from 7-12 with pipe bands from around the world actually motivates the heck out of me...Playing right next to the Black Watch is like being a mobster next to Al Capone. This Burgess fella is amazingly funny.

Chris Knight: BBC is filming tonight!!! Ima be on TV!!! "Hi Mama!!!!"

Chris Schnackenberg: IRN BRU!!

Angela Yenca is being drilled to death in bagpipe bootcamp. Learning a lot though...this is awesome!

Kenyon Cowart: ‎"Oh ye'll tak' the high road and I'll tak' the low road, an' I'll be in Scotland afore ye; but me and my true love will never meet again on the bonnie, bonnie banks o' Loch Lomond."

Richard Westheimer: You know...I'm really glad I woke up this morning and said...I feel like playing in front of a sold out stadium with 9,000 people today.

A.J. Harley: Sooo... I just met Princess Anne of the UK, and she was surprisingly down 2 earth!

greg_pGreg Philipkosky: Scotland is AMAZING!

Christopher Mitchell: Last night's show was awesome, but I think tonight's show is going to be AMAZING!

Chuck Long: Glasgow, then back to Edinburgh. What a long day it shall be.

Will Moore: PT in the AM, only 5 days till I am back in the states... should I be happy or sad? :/

Collin Whiteford: Good morninggggg!

Joshua Rodgers: America baby I miss you!!!

Danielle Vincent: As much as I love Scotland, I'm finally missing Charleston.

Donald Paolella III: Another night of Hammin' down. Can't believe there's only 10 days left!!!

Eric Andersen went on a Ghost tour tonight. Felt freaked out for a bit. Crazy how Edinburgh turned out this way!!!

Garrett Hall: Day 1: Absolutely lovin' life in Scotland. Lesson for 2day, when in Scotland do as the Scottish!!!!!!

George Sourlis: Scotland!

Harrison Stewart loves Scotland! Only been here for 3 days buts it's been some of the best 3 days of my life.

Jack Washington: Once again about to give Scotland a taste of USA AMERICA

Kenyon Cowart: The days are blending together now.


josh_rodgers_4Josh Wright: YES! We just got our stipend for the trip. Time for more souvenir shopping.

John Philip Tousignant: Loch Ness was pretty amazing.


Kelly Oliver: The Tattoo performances are going great...I miss everyone.

Matthew McGuirk: It's a Tuesday in Edinburgh...PT in an hour and 40 minutes, a performance in 12 hours and my Facebook page tells me that I need to help Andrew Wallin find friends. It's going to be a gooooood day


Mildred Johns had a wonderful tour today: Loch Ness and the filming sites of Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail... what more could one ask for?!

Tori Rulon: The Imps miss you

Rob Roberson: If I have any more fish and chips I may have to jump off of a tall building.


Richard Westheimer: Time to go be a superstar...Be back soon.

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