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In awe of Edinburgh Castle

Written by Charlene Gunnells
Monday, 02 August 2010 04:05


This morning the band and pipes walked onto the esplanade of Edinburgh Castle for the first time. It was both thrilling and intimidating at the same time. Muster was at 6 a.m. for the short bus ride from the University of Edinburgh dormitories to the castle. With strict instructions to not play a single note until 7 a.m., the cadets practiced marching and took in the splendor of the castle on a damp, cold morning in Scotland. (Video coming soon.)

day_1_castle_touristsMaj. Gen. Euan Loudan, who oversees the Tattoo, and Steve Walsh, Tattoo production manager, looked on during rehearsal, occasionally offering advice on performance and marching technique. Behind them were tourists that had wandered into the castle grounds to take pictures and videos as the band and pipes practiced its seven-minute feature segment.

During dress rehearsals Thursday, up to 8,700 people plus media will pack the grandstand for the Tattoo. Opening night Friday is expected to be much the same.

After an hour-long practice this morning, the Regimental Band returned to the University of Edinburgh for breakfast and a break before afternoon rehearsals. The Pipe Band went directly to Redford Army Barracks for breakfast and a full day of rehearsals. Everyone will be back at the castle later today.

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