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Abstracts of 2016 Edition

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2016 GSJ cover

Best Undergraduate Submission

Progressive and Conservative Understandings of the American Political Tradition

John Hope

This paper examines the progressive and conservative understandings of the nature of the American political tradition through the works and writings of select eminent politicians and philosophers in both schools of thought and tracks their developments over the past three centuries. Furthermore, it establishes the conservative understanding as having a more accurate view of the nature and institutions of the American political system.With a presidential election looming, it is critical to analyze the origins of the political beliefs of those running for office.

trophy for best undergraduate submission


Jacques Cartier's Voyages to New France

Joseph Draper

While most Americans are familiar with explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci who no doubt played a significant role in the development of America, Jacques Cartier is much less known for his exploration. He was an adventurous man from France who would make three journeys to North America in an effort to open a trade relationship with the natives and start a permanent colony. Apart from his expeditions, France would not likely have tried to settle the northern lands of America and the continent as we know it today would be shaped quite differently.

trophy for best overall submission

Best Overall Paper Submission

Homosexuality and Religion: Can Jewish and Christian Dogma Reconcile the Actions of the LGBT Community?

Matthew Scalise

Until recently, condemnation of homosexuality was sanctioned by religious and social institutions. Today, many of these same groups have instead either adopted more lenient views on homosexuals or have completely changed their view on the subject. This paper seeks to determine if Judaism and Christianity, the two major religions in the United States, can reconcile their religious dogma with homosexuality through an analysis of religious text, scientific evidence, and social change.

A Call to Arms: Oratory as a Leadership Tool in the Case of Marc Antony

Grant Miller

Human nature is innately attracted, almost magnetized, to strong oratory and the credibility cemented by personal charisma and verbal acumen. This paper explores the methodology and impact which Marc Antony’s famous speech has on oratory and argumentative structure, past and present, from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. Shakespeare’s wit on the written stage as witnessed in Antony’s speech provides a penetrating insight into why the gift of gab and the exercise of a silver tongue will always prove paramount to aiding leaders as a means of shaping the events around them, rather than simply being shaped.

Espionage During the American Revolution

Michael Holmes

Espionage and spycraft have been synonymous with warfare since the beginning of civilization. During the American Revolution, gathering intelligence through these means was not neglected in the slightest. Through the use of codes, ciphers, invisible ink and many other techniques, those who were willing to sacrifice their safety for the survival of their country went to great lengths to make sure they succeeded. Espionage was not a poor man’s tool; it was skillfully used throughout the ranks all the way up to the highest commander. If these daring attempts to gain an advantage over the enemy had failed, America’s dream of independence could have come to a halt after the “shot heard round the world.”

blue ribbon for best photograph 

Best Photograph

Submission of 2016

The cover photograph was taken by

Joseph Federico

Class of 2016,

Criminal Justice Major.

Sunrise in the battalion.

Mechanics of a Parachute Landing Fall

Joshua Hamilton

The paper discusses the importance of the parachute landing fall, which is the technique used by parachutists to have a safe landing with minimal injury.

Al-Shabaab: Its Threat to the International Community and East Africa and the Need for More Support for the Mission in Somalia

Bret Seidler

The world today is faced with many complicated issues. A country’s stability and safety are threatened by many different factors. In this complex world global terrorism has been one of these factors. Al-Shabaab poses the largest threat to the stability and prosperity of countries in east Africa. They control a significant portion of Somalia even today despite continuous efforts from the U.N to destroy them. This paper examines Al-Shabaab’s threat to the stability of Somalia and east Africa.

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