The Military College of South Carolina
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Co-curricular Programs

 Fourth Class Fall Ethics Seminar
Col W. Preston McLaughlin, on behalf of the Krause Center, taught the Fall Ethics Seminar during the Fourth Class Recruit period until Parents Day in Fall 2010.
This class was in lieu of mandatory Sunday chapel services for Fourth Classmen. The initial seminar was previously provided by the Chaplain's Office and an Adjunct Faculty Member. The course was revised and based more on case studies and discussions about what Principled Leadership and Ethical Decision Making entail. The primary objective of this course of instruction is to familiarize the student with ethical decision making processes. The Learning Outcome is as follows: "Students will understand their ethical responsibility for stewardship of the 'Fourth Pillar' of The Citadel Experience: The development of spiritual and moral character integrating each aspect of a Citadel education into the service of the Whole Person."
Fourth Class Transition Workshops
The Krause Center was responsible for cooperating with the Commandant's Department to plan Transition Workshops for Fourth Class Cadets at the end of their Knob Year.
These workshops were held in April 2011. Krause Center Staff members were paired with alumni who facilitated the sessions for individual companies. This experience allowed students to reflect on their freshman year and discuss what it means to be a sophomore in the Corps. In addition, the workshops provided an opportunity for curriculum developers for CIT 101, LDRS 201, and LDRS 211 to observe student opinions before reviewing and revising course content for the next Academic Year.
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