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Freshman Requirements

Freshman Leadership Day Requirement

School Heroism Activity for Remembrance and Engagement (SHARE)

On October 21, 2015, The Citadel will engage in Leadership Day, a day for cadets to participate in leadership and service activities in the local community. As part of Leadership Day, the SHARE Project will send 60-70 teams of freshman students, led by trained upperclassmen, into 10-15 schools in Charleston County. Each team will be comprised of approximately 10 freshmen, and 2-3 upperclass leaders. The student teams will lead Charleston County School District (CCSD) students in an activity designed to increase their awareness of heroism and service to others. Participating CCSD schools include those from the Innovation Zone Learning Community, comprised primarily of Title I schools with large numbers of at-risk students. Several schools served will also be Charleston Promise Neighborhood schools, which are targeted for additional support due to a high percentage of children living in poverty. Citadel graduate students in the School Psychology graduate program will also serve as site coordinators at each CCSD school participating in the SHARE project.

Team Assignments and Training:
Cadets will be assigned to teams at the Company Level, and cadet team leaders will be responsible for assembling and training teams on Leadership Day. The SHARE Project will be the default activity selection for freshman cadets for Leadership Day, but students who are part of another group that has another service activity planned may request an alternative assignment from Dr. Conway Saylor ( Team leaders will be recruited and trained to lead teams by Dr. Lori Fernald and the School Psychology graduate students in her School Consultation class. Team leaders will be trained in small groups to facilitate participation. Seniors and sophomores interested in serving as a team leader can sign up here.

Team Structure and Leadership:
Each team will be comprised of 8-12 freshman cadets and 2-3 upperclass cadet leaders. The leaders will model work ethic and professionalism in the schools and ensure that ovjectives are successfully completed. All participating cadets will be in direct contact with CCSD students served. It is estimated that 600 freshmen and 120 upperclass cadets will participate in the SHARE Project. A School Psychology graduate student will be assigned to each school to oversee and coordinate the project. Dr. Lori Fernald, Assistant Professor of Psychology, will develop curriculum and training materials, train graduate students and cadet leaders, plan and coordinate with each school administrator/designee prior to Leadership Day, and oversee implementation on Leadership Day. Planning and logistics will be conducted in collaboration with the Service Learning Office in the Krause Leadership Center, led by Dr. Conway Saylor.

If you are a sophomore or senior who is interested in being a cadet leader, sign up here.

Approximately 15 school buses to transport SHARE participants to 13 schools in the morning and afternoon. Buses will be loaded around campus by company. The first bus will load and leave at approximately 0830. Citadel students will eat their box lunches with CCSD students in the school cafeteria. All buses will return to campus by 1430. SHARE groups will be released once they have completed the evaluation process led by their team leaders. The approved uniform for this event will be Dress Salt and Pepper.


Questions should be directed to Dr. Lori Fernald, Psychology Department,, 843.953.5320.

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