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Leadership Day promotes service learning

Cadets teach school children about electrical engineering

By Cadet Collin Whiteford

From the air you breathe to the walls that surround you, there is almost nothing which has not been engineered. That’s what fourth and fifth graders from Richland School District II’s gifted and talented program learned from cadet electrical engineering majors today.

On a day solely dedicated to service and leadership, sophomore and freshman cadets stepped up to teach the importance of engineering in the modern world. The instruction began with an introduction to engineering from Cadet Myles Spetsios, a sophomore from Tango Company.

"What are some different types of engineering?” Spetsios asked the students.

In that instant, 25 hands shot up. Bio-medical, environmental, software, mechanical, and aerospace—all great examples of engineering. But there was one missing—electrical engineering.

After discussing electricity and its purpose, the students broke off into different groups to visit the four demonstrations relating to different elements of electrical engineering. Students learned about different types of radio waves and how they are transmitted over long distances. Others raced their classmates with their own light sensor spiders. The spiders are small spider-like machines which measure light and send electrical signals to trigger a motor. The motor then steers the spider toward the light.

While the students were enthusiastic about the different demonstrations, the cadets enjoyed the opportunity to impart their electrical engineering knowledge.

“You can’t be too nervous,” said Cadet Bilbo, a freshman in Band Company. “You have to be confident about what you have learned, and not only that, teach it whole heartedly."

The engineering outreach was a great success. The students enjoyed themselves while learning about engineering concepts, and while the objective was to create awareness about the importance of engineering, the cadets participating learned valuable lessons about the importance of giving to the community.

Engineering Students from The Citadel teach school children on Leadership Day

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