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Baseball Throw


Throw a baseball 250 feet or more in the air.


Coordination and Power.

  1. Start from about five (5) yards back to allow yourself the opportunity to generate forward momentum. Step in the direction of the throw.
  2. There should be a pivot on the throwing foot followed by rotation of hips and torso, followed by the whip of the arm, followed by a follow through of arm. You should end up with your body turned ninety degrees from where you started and your throwing arm should end up slightly across your body.
  3. The order of the muscle action required to throw should transfer from larger to smaller muscles, legs to back, to shoulders, to arm, to wrist and to hand. Rapidly coordinating these muscles in a sequential order is key in this event.
How to Improve

Eliminate as much ball spin as possible by using just thumb and two fingers to grip the ball. Remember the goal is to generate forward momentum, so stepping to the side, or releasing the ball too late/too soon will diminish this momentum. The angle arm to trunk at ball release should be about 45 degrees.

Practice coordinating steps in such a way that your momentum is going straight forward. Practice the timing of ball release. And don’t throw the ball two (2) yards ahead of the start line: that’s two (2) yards of distance that you will lose.

Safety, Facilities and Equipment

Any large, level grassy areas is appropriate for performance of the baseball throw. Measure out a distance of 300 feet and mark a starting line. “Spotters” marking the distance of throw should do so carefully.

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