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Football Punt


Cadet will punt the football 40 yards or more in the air.


Muscular Flexibility and Power.

  1. Body position should begin with the ball held with both hands in front of the body. A two-step pattern is used with the first step being a jab step taken with you kicking foot. The second step should be of normal length, made with your opposite foot in the direction of the kick.
  2. Proper body position requires a forward lean as the kicking motion begins to emphasize the foot drive and follow through.
  3. At ball contact the foot should be flat with toes pointed and ankle locked. The ball should be held at arms length in front of the body and contact should be made at knee height, driving the football forward. The drop of the ball should be made as to place the ball on the foot so that the ball is pointed slightly down and angled in.
  4. After contact, the kicking leg should be extended to a high follow through position with leg speed maintained through the kicking arc. The angle of the flight of the football should be 45 degrees with a spiraling action, the result of good ball position at the drop.
How to Improve

Power in the kicking motion is obtained from powerful and flexible hip flexion, lower leg snap and smooth contact from a pointed foot. Flexibility can be increased with static stretching following a proper warm up. Exercises to improve hip strength include leg presses, squad and lunges. The kicking motion and ball drop should be practiced separately before combined into one motion. Practice kicking motion with particular emphasis on the forward body position and high follow through with a pointed foot. The ball drop should be practiced at arms length so that the ball hits the ground with a downward angle and slightly pointed in.

Safety, Facilities and Equipment

The Football Punt event must take place on a football field where yardage is clearly marked.

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