The Military College of South Carolina
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100 Yard Swim


Cadet will swim 100 yards in 1 minute and 45 seconds or less.


Power, muscular endurance and cardiorespiratory fitness.


Legs should kick non-stop in an up and down motion. Keep legs straight but not stiff, and toes pointed comfortably.

Move arms in opposition, in a sort of “windmill” motion. Keep hands flat or slightly cupped, and pull water toward your body on the downward stroke. As arm rises out of the water, turn your head to that side and breath.

How to Improve

Swimming is improved through practice. Practice stroke technique and build cardiorespiratory endurance. Safety, Facilities and Equipment The 100 yard swim event will be administered in the swimming pool located in Deas Hall. You will begin in the water with your hand in contact with the wall. This swimming pool is 25 meters in length, not yards (100y = 91.44m = 3.66 pool lengths = ~2 laps). Clock will start after you swim one-third of first length.

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