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Cadet will bowl an average of 160 or more for three (consecutive) games.


Coordination and Power.


When making an approach, the bowler must not step over the foul line.

  1. Point of Origin - Point of origin is where bowler stands at start of play. Use the 12 or 15 foot reference dots and boards in between the dots to note point of origin. Most right hand bowlers will find their best point of origin to be slightly right of the center dot. Point of origin should remain the same for all first balls, strike balls and then vary for second ball depending on pin(s) left.
  2. Run-Up (Delivery) - The most common run-up used by bowlers involves four (4) steps.
    1. Stance - the stance should use a balanced athletic position with the ball cradled on bowing side. The ball, hand and shoulder should be on line with the aiming point while shoulders should be square to the pins.
    2. Approach - Push the ball out and down with both hands while stepping out with ball-side foot. Let the ball swing down to your side in a pendulum movement as you step forward with opposite foot. As next step forward is taken the ball should be at the top of the back swing. This back swing should be between hip and shoulder; elbow should be straight. When the last step touches the floor, it should slide slightly and knee should bend.
    3. Release - The ball and last step should reach area slightly behind the foul line at approximately the same time. At this point the ball should naturally roll off of hand, thumb first. It is important to keep a firm finger grip on the ball so that fingers lift the ball on the upswing.
    4. Follow Through - Arm should continue on an upward arc. Hips and shoulders should still be square towards the target.
How to Improve

Practice four step approach without a ball to achieve a good rhythm and balance. Work on developing power with slide step as the body and ball come forward and down to release.

Safety, Facilities and Equipment

This event must take place at a bowling alley. Select a ball so that grip is natural and comfortable. There should not be any strain on the thumb, fingers or wrist.

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