The Military College of South Carolina
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Fence Vault


Set a bar at chin height and clear it with one continuous motion.


Coordination, Balance and Power.

  1. Start from a standing position.
  2. Take a deep knee bend, followed by a rapid arm pull and explosive jump, then push and extend the arms at the top, completed with a leg swing from one side to clear the bar.
  3. Vault over the high bar while executing a sequential order of events. Each step is separate, but must transition smoothly from one to the next in order to successfully vault the bar.
  4. Other than hands, the cadet is not allowed to make any sort of body contact with the bar. Cadets are also not allowed to take off from one foot, rest on top of the bar or swing any part of body under the bar.
How to Improve

Think: “Pull, Jump, Push, Swing,” in that order. Just like performing a vertical jump, think “quick down, quick up.” Movement should be as explosive as possible. Practice on your own and start vaulting over bar heights that are much lower than chin height to get the movement pattern down, and then gradually increase the height of the bar up to chin level.

Safety, Facilities and Equipment

Use a sturdy bar, preferably one that can be adjusted for height. Have someone standing at the side as a spotter.

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