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Interview of Paul R. Tamburrino by Leslie Gibson

March 31, 2014

Feature Article

Paul Tamburrino, a Citadel alumnus and former Army Platoon Leader, knows tanks. Paul served in the Armor Branch for eight years before he moved to Special Operations, and in those eight years Paul was able not only to see the world, but also to overcome one of his deepest fears, claustrophobia. In a twisted trick of fate (or a twisted sense of humor on the part of the Army) Paul, as a Tank Commander, spent countless hours crammed into the metal walls of a tank during Desert Storm, helped only by the fact that he was the Tank Commander, the navigator whose head gets to stick out of the tank while the driver lies on his back in the hull, driving blind, waiting on the commander to tell him where to go. Overcoming the challenges posed by claustrophobia and a nomadic life in the Middle Eastern desert, Paul was faced able to chart the right course for himself and his men in the Army. Despite prejudice, Paul has managed to make a successful career for himself in the Human Resources field. Based on his experience in both the military and civilian worlds, he has one piece of advice for all those currently serving: Use your time in the military to develop a job skill that can translate to the civilian world.

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