The Military College of South Carolina
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Contract for Professional Services on a Fee Basis

This contract between The Citadel, Charleston, SC, 29409 (Institution) and


Social Security Number: ______________________, for and in consideration of the mutual promises herein made, witnesseth:

1. Contractor will provide the following educational related professional services:


(Brief description )

2. A fee of $ ____________ is total compensation for the professional service rendered and is to be paid as follows: [ ] one lump sum at completion of service; [ ] progressive payment, half at 50% completion and the balance at completion; or [ ] one lump sum in advance of service.

3. Travel, lodging and subsistence expenses, not to exceed State Employee reimbursement rates, will be reimbursed directly to the Contractor upon receipt of claim.

4. Institution has NO RIGHT to DIRECT or CONTROL contractor in the way in which the professional service is performed, either as to the final results or as to the details of how the service is accomplished.

5. Contractor is not a permanent state employee subject to Dual Employment restrictions. He/She is an independent contractor who is FREE TO PERFORM required professional service, outlined in paragraph 1 above, in accordance with the dictates of his/her profession/training/experience. Contractor's performance/non-performance, for payment purposes, will be judged solely on the specifications set forth in paragraph 1 above.

Offered on behalf of the Institution:Accepted on behalf of the Contractor:
By: _________________________________ By:_________________________________
Date:________________________________ Date: _______________________________
Title:________________________________ Title: _______________________________


Please acknowledge acceptance on the original copy and return it to the Contract Administrator.

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