The Military College of South Carolina
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Non-Classified Positions: Interview Expense Reimbursement

Permitted only if the President makes a specific, formal determination that all of the following conditions exist:

  • The significance of the position to be filled is such that it warrants incurring such costs.
  • The costs do not exceed the expense of conducting the interview at the Interviewee’s home area or elsewhere.
  • Qualified candidates residing within South Carolina are considered before candidates from other states are sought.

After interviews are scheduled, written approval of the Provost must be obtained before interview expenses can be incurred (See form). Please submit an interview expense form for each candidate to the Provost’s Accountant, who will seek approval from the Provost for the department.

Reimbursement for Interview Expenses

The most economical means of travel should be used. The Citadel state regulations allow reimbursement for economy airfare only. Candidate mileage will be reimbursed at the applicable IRS rate. Reimbursements will not be processed until all interviews have been completed. Please turn in all documentation for each candidate at one time to prevent duplication.

To reimburse interviewee:

Collect itemized receipts from the interviewee. Credit card receipts are not proper documentation for these expenses. Enter a Direct Pay Invoice or Purchase Requisition if over $2500 and forward original receipts with the invoice or purchase requisition number, and interview memo to Accounts Payable.

Meals for the candidate will be reimbursed at the in-state per diem rate - $6 breakfast, $7 lunch, $12 dinner. Meals for candidate’s spouse and/or family members will not be reimbursed by The Citadel. Snacks are not a reimbursable expense.

To reimburse a Citadel employee for expenses incurred:

Credit card receipts are not proper documentation for these expenses. NO REIMBURSEMENT WILL BE MADE WITHOUT AN ITEMIZED RECEIPT. Complete an (Entertainment Document) for each event. Enter a direct pay invoice or purchase requisition. Line detail must include names of individuals attending and the specific meal provided (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and the date of meal. Forward original receipts, Entertainment Document, and Interview Expense memo with the invoice or purchase requisition number to Accounts Payable for processing.

Please Note: Reimbursements will only be processed once all receipts are received for each candidate to prevent duplication.

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