The Military College of South Carolina
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Meal Expenses

Meal Allowance

Depart before 6:30 AM, return after 11:00 AM
Depart before 11:00 AM, return after 1:30 PM
Depart before 5:15 PM, return after 8:30 PM

NOTE: Meals included in conference fee are not reimbursed

General Reimbursement Guidelines for Partial Days

The college will reimburse you for partial days according to these general guidelines:

  • When you go into travel status by departing for your trip:
    • Before 6:30 AM, you may be reimbursed for breakfast, lunch and dinner
    • After 6:30 AM but before 11:00 AM, you may be reimbursed for lunch and dinner
    • After 11:00 AM but before 5:15 PM, you may reimbursed for dinner
  • When you come off of travel status by returning home or to work
    • After 11:00 AM, you may be reimbursed for breakfast
    • After 1:30 PM, you may be reimbursed for breakfast and lunch
    • After 8:30 PM, you may be reimbursed for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Actual Cost of Some Meals is Reimbursed

The college can reimburse you the actual cost of meals (rather than the food allowance) if the meals are conference or seminar sponsored and have speakers or pertinent roundtable discussions. Remember to add a clear explanation on your TRD and attach the receipt.

No Reimbursement for Some Meals

The college does not reimburse you for:

  • Meals during normal work days unless you are in overnight travel status.
  • Meals for other people.
  • Meals included in the price of lodging, such as full breakfasts at bed and breakfasts. These places typically charge a single fee for both food and lodging.
  • Meals included in a conference fee.
  • Meals unless there is an overnight stay.
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