The Military College of South Carolina
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Air Travel


You may purchase airline tickets with your Citadel p-card or from AAA travel (1-800-978-3359) or any other travel company with your own credit card. AAA is the only travel agency that will accept a Citadel PO. You will need to give AAA a Purchase Order number within 24 hours of receiving the quote for travel. If you use your own credit card, you may then elect early reimbursement.
Reservations should be made as early as possible in order to take advantage of any promotional or discounted air fares.

If you choose to use an agency other than AAA, all fees will be reimbursed as long as they are not excessive. All frequent flyer miles obtained as a result of Citadel business travel is expected to be used for subsequent Citadel business travel.

The college encourages Saturday night stays when the cost of air fare without a Saturday night stay is greater than the additional lodging and meal expenses.


After your trip, attach documentation reflecting the ticket cost, dates and destination.

Travel Plan Changes

If your travel plans change before you start your trip, contact your travel agent or the airline to change your ticket.

If your plans change while you are traveling, contact the airline and use your personal check, charge card or cash to pay the fees. If you must cancel your travel due to a family emergency or other reason beyond your control please include a written explanation so that your reimbursement is not delayed.

First Class Travel

You pay the extra cost for first class and business class travel unless it is necessary to accommodate a disability or for another valid reason. You must have prior approval from a vice-president on your TRD. If you travel frequently and need this kind of accommodation, a single annual letter rather than one per trip may be more convenient. State regulations require travel by commercial airlines be accomplished in coach or tourist class only.

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