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How to Get Reimbursed

Complete a Travel Reimbursement Document


  • Enter your name, address, and CWID.
  • Enter your Travel Authorization Number, date, department, and the index number to be charged.
  • DATE MO/DA – enter the month and day – Use one line per day.
  • DEP or ARR – indicate if you departed or arrived on that day
  • TIME / AM or PM – enter the time if you departed or arrived on that day
  • DESTINATION - enter the destination if you traveled on that day
  • I / O/ F - enter I for in-state, O for out-of-state, or F for foreign travel
  • POV ACTUAL MILES – enter the miles you drove that day if you drove your personal car. Multiply the total miles by the applicable mileage rate.
  • MEALS - enter the meal expenses. The maximum you can be reimbursed is the per diem rates. List meals separately on partial travel days indicating B for breakfast, L for lunch, and D for dinner beside the amount.
  • LODGING - enter lodging expense per day. Only include the hotel room plus taxes in this column.
  • AIR TRANS – enter airfare
  • OTHER TRAVEL EXPENSE – enter rental cars, taxis and any miscellaneous expense such as one brief phone call home per day, parking, tolls, etc.
  • REGISTRATION FEES – enter registration costs
  • TOTAL – sum of daily expenses by row
  • Total the columns in the appropriate box, I – In-state, O – Out-of-state, F – foreign and total the row.
  • TOTAL EXPENSE – enter the total of all expenses included prepaids
  • TOTAL PPD – enter amounts prepaid such as registration, airfare, etc.
  • TOTAL CASH ADV – enter amount of any cash advance received
  • TOTAL DUE EMPLOYEE – total expense less prepaid and advance
  • Print the form, attach receipts for all expenditures, sign and forward to your Department Head and then Vice President for approval before it is sent to Accounts Payable.

Your reimbursement will be ready no later than 10 working days from the date it is received in Accounts Payable.

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