The Military College of South Carolina
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SPOT Reports

Welcome to the SPOT Reports. The LDP requires TAC (Teach-Advise-Coach) Officers to seek out reports from faculty, staff, and coaches to assist them in providing cadets with a holistic assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. To facilitate this requirement, our office has developed SPOT reports for faculty, staff, and coaches to use to provide this feedback to the TACs.

There are many activities on campus that cadets engage in that TACs do not have visibility of, but provide cadets an opportunity to develop and demonstrate their principled leadership abilities. The leadership of those activities can use the SPOT reports to provide TACs with this critical feedback on cadets. Additionally, SPOT reports are available to any member of The Citadel team who wants to provide feedback on a cadet.

The reports are formatted as to directly mirror the Learning Outcomes for cadets in the LDP.

Academic Pillar

Military Pillar

Physical Pillar

Moral-Ethical Pillar

SPOT Report Briefing for Faculty

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