The Military College of South Carolina
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Leadership LTPs


1-1 Organizational Climate

1-2 Leading Change by John Kotter

1-2 Copy of Leading Change On-line Quiz

1-3 Peer Evaluation Instrument

1-4 Sergeants Corner - The After Action Review by Michael Lewis

1-4 TC 25 20 A Leaders Guide to After Action Reviews

1-4 Copy of AARs On-line Quiz

1-5 Instructions for Company AAR

1-6 360 Degree Mentoring Article by Elizabeth Collins

1-6 Copy of 360 Degree Mentoring On-line Quiz



2-1 Train-the-Trainer Room Inspection

2-2 Developmental Counseling by Michael Lewis

2-2 Copy of Counseling On-line Quiz

2-3 What You Can Learn from Failure by Rose Sherman

2-3 Copy of Building Resiliency On-line Quiz

2-4 Shackleton Leadership Article by Charles Chappell

2-4 Copy of Shackleton On-line Quiz

2-5 Peer Evaluation Instrument

2-6 Why Bad Behavior Online Can Ruin Your Life by Matt Ivester

2-6 Copy of Digital Citizenship On-line quiz

2-7 Developing a Personal Leadership Philosophy PPT

2-7 Sample Statement of an Organization's Beliefs, Values and Principles

2-7 Developing an Effective Command Philosophy by Harry Garner

2-7 Leadership Philosophy Joan Byrne

2-7 Personal Leadership Philosophy Worksheet

2-7 The Importance of a Clear Leadership Philosophy by George Ambler



3-1 Sergeant Means Servant Article by Jennifer Mattson

3-1 Copy of Servant Leader On-line Quiz

3-2 Peer Evaluation Instrument



4-1 Room Inspection Standards Walk Through

4-2 Bystander Intervention and Suicide PPT

4-3 Peer Evaluation Instrument

4-4 Message to Garcia Article by Elbert Hubbard

4-4 Copy of Message to Garcia On-line Quiz

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