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Application Process

How does the application process work for Study Abroad?

The Office of Study Abropad uses an online application processesing system where students create an account and complete the application process online. When they apply to a program they have four initial application forms to complete for review before they are initially approved. The four forms are outlined below.

Application Form- this includes general student information and is also where they read/review/electronically sign the contract and liability waiver.

Campus Study Abroad Notification Form- this is a form that they submit and multiple offices on campus are notified of the students application to study abroad and are advised to reach out to the student or the Office of Study Abroad with any questions or concerns about the students plan to study abroad. The Treasurer, Registrar, Financial Aid, C.A.R.E, VA, Academic Support Center, Counseling Center, Krause Center, and ROTC Departments are notified when the student submits this form.

GPA Verification- this form is submitted to the Office of Study Abroad and the students GPA is confirmed for eligibility to study abroad.

Conduct Approval- This form is sent to the Assistant Commandant for Discipline for review. It asks if a student has current conduct issues, past conduct issues, and whether the student is "recommended for an experience abroad" or "NOT recommended for an experience abroad". If comments are necessary, there is a option to explain.


When these first four forms are completed, we review the application. If a student meets the eligibility requirements to study abroad, they are approved and moved on to the next stage of the enrollment process. If a student does not meet minimum eligibility requirements (either for conduct or grades) they have the option to appeal the decision and the appeal is sent to the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs for a final decision.

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