The Military College of South Carolina
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Dr. John Ravan Written by Spencer, Morgan 3893
Undergraduate Computer Science Courses Written by Klein, Kara 6208
Department of Cyber and Computer Sciences Written by Drake, David 15081
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Written by Klein, Kara 11414
Scholarships Written by Klein, Kara 5333
Faculty/Staff Directory Written by Klein, Kara 9468
Department News & Events Written by Klein, Kara 5978
The Citadel Department of Defense (DOD) Cyber Institute (CDCI) Written by Spencer, Morgan 1352
Contact the Department of Cyber and Computer Sciences Written by Klein, Kara 6123
Dr. Deepti Joshi Written by Frazier, Raschonda 7806
Dr. Gerald Auger Written by Viscidi, Brielle 3695
Internship Information for Computer Science or Cyber Operations Majors Written by Klein, Kara 5329
Dr. John I. Moore, Jr. Written by Frazier, Raschonda 7415
Master of Science in Computer and Information Sciences Written by Klein, Kara 10781
Graduate Computer Science Course Descriptions Written by Klein, Kara 7231
Projected Course Offerings for Graduate Computer Science Written by Klein, Kara 5908
Courses Written by Klein, Kara 7025
Message from the Department Head Written by Spencer, Morgan 1456
Programs of Study Written by Klein, Kara 7396
Department of Cyber and Computer Sciences Minors Written by Klein, Kara 4052
Where Are Our Graduates? Written by Frazier, Raschonda 3467
Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity Written by Klein, Kara 14884
Marquita Frazier Written by Spencer, Morgan 3659
Cyber Operations Major Written by Banik, Shankar 3022
Bachelor of Science in Cyber Operations Written by Verdicchio, Michael 2734
DoD Cyber Scholarship (CySP) Written by Verdicchio, Michael 1483
CyberCorps Scholarship for Service Written by Verdicchio, Michael 1518
Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering Written by Klein, Kara 4959
Awards and Distinctions Written by Klein, Kara 5422
Employment Opportunities Written by Viscidi, Brielle 3175
Information for Current Students Written by Klein, Kara 7391
Online Information for Computer Science Courses Written by Klein, Kara 6159
Research Groups and Laboratories Written by Klein, Kara 5345
CSCI 307: Web Programming II Written by Spencer, Morgan 3114
CSCI 207: Web Programming I Written by Spencer, Morgan 3016
Scott West Written by Spencer, Morgan 3850
Dr. Reza Ghaffari Written by Spencer, Morgan 4219
Dr. Michael P. Verdicchio Written by Frazier, Raschonda 7446
Projected Course Offerings for Undergraduate Computer Science Written by Klein, Kara 6977
CSCI 399: Junior Research Project Written by Moore, John 2908
CSCI 490: Advanced Topics in Computer Science Written by Stransky, Maura 6856
CSCI 290: Computer Science Topics Written by Moore, John 2969
Why Become a Computer Science Major? Written by Frazier, Raschonda 4384
CSCI 202: Introduction to Computer Science II Written by Klein, Kara 8280
CSCI 205: Introduction to Programming with Python Written by Rudolph, George 6523
CSCI 210: Introduction to Information Systems Written by Moore, John 5870
CSCI 216: Introduction to Programming and Databases Written by Klein, Kara 7277
CSCI 217: Web Resources and Design Written by Stransky, Maura 7299
CSCI 223: Data Structures and Algorithms Written by Stransky, Maura 8139
CSCI 227: Principles and Practices of Cybersecurity Written by Stransky, Maura 8054
CSCI 305: Computer Organization and Programming Written by Stransky, Maura 8113
CSCI 317: Computer Networks and Internets Written by Stransky, Maura 7839
CSCI 320: Database Design Written by Stransky, Maura 7810
CSCI 327: Computer Security Written by Stransky, Maura 8005
CSCI 355: Programming Languages Written by Stransky, Maura 8144
CSCI 365: Object Oriented Programming Using C++ Written by Stransky, Maura 6638
CSCI 370: Developing Mobile Applications Written by Stransky, Maura 6298
CSCI 375: Enterprise Java Written by Stransky, Maura 6643
CSCI 405: Operating Systems Written by Stransky, Maura 7694
CSCI 407: Computer Graphics Written by Stransky, Maura 6862
CSCI 412: Compiler Design Written by Stransky, Maura 6326
CSCI 420: Software Engineering Written by Stransky, Maura 7155
CSCI 421: Software Engineering Practicum Written by Stransky, Maura 6580
CSCI 427: Advanced Cybersecurity Written by Stransky, Maura 7570
CSCI 455: Artificial Intelligence Written by Stransky, Maura 7071
CSCI 491: Internship Written by Stransky, Maura 6376
CSCI 495: Senior Seminar in Computer Science Written by Stransky, Maura 6769
CSCI 499: Senior Research Project Written by Stransky, Maura 6623
CSCI 201: Introduction to Computer Science I Written by Klein, Kara 9069
CSCI 110: Microcomputer Applications Written by Klein, Kara 6502
CSCI 110 Spring 2013 Written by Klein, Kara 2592
CSCI 103: Survey of Computer Science Written by Klein, Kara 6154
Dr. M. Ishaq Zahid Written by Frazier, Raschonda 4949
Dr. Margaret A. Francel Written by Frazier, Raschonda 4215
Dr. William A. Denig Written by Frazier, Raschonda 4255
Dr. Shankar Banik Written by Frazier, Raschonda 8514
Information for Faculty Written by Klein, Kara 6874
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