The Military College of South Carolina
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Understanding Recruiting Materials

Why You Will Receive Materials

You will recieve materials so that you can set up your table at the college fair.  These materials are useful for recruiting and to recieve student information which is crucial to the schools mission. Each material listed is linked so that you can see the materials and what they look like before you are ever shipped them.

Materials You Will Receive

Search Piece- General Information Brochure for all canidates.  I generally place these at the front of the table so that families can grab them as they come by or when they stop to talk

Viewbook- Higher level brochure for higher level canidates

Leadership Brochure- Generally reserved for higher level canidates or anyone specifically interested in leadership opportunities at The Citadel

CVP Cards- Essentially student information cards. I generally encourage students to fill these out at the end of the conversation after they have gained some interest in The Citadel. These will need to be mailed back to the school for recruiting purposes.

Statistic Guide- CAR's will recieve statistics guides which listed general information of the school.  This guide is to give you readily available information so you can answer questions students or parents may ask.  List information such as student/ faculty ration, Average admissions requirements, tuition, class size and many more stats.  This sheet is for CAR's not for students and parents to take home.

Tyvek Envelope- This is what you will use to mail your CVP cards and table cloths back to The Citadel.  Return postage paid for.   

Tablecloth- You will also send this back in the Tyvek Envelope. This will be evenly spread across the table we have reserved with The Citadel in the front

Pens- Pens are available for all prospective students who wants to grab one.  Keep a couple in reserve for filling out CVP cards\

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