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Cadet Sendoff Events

Cadet Sendoff Events

The Citadel’s Office of Admissions and The Citadel Alumni Recruitment program (alumni recruiters) encourage Citadel clubs to host cadet sendoff events each summer.  Cadet sendoff events have the following positive outcomes:

  • Increase cadet retention through the sharing of wisdom, local alumni support and via professional networking.
  • Cadet sendoff events often include upper-class cadets who are able to share some “do’s and don’ts” with the incoming freshmen.
  • Alumni enjoyment – there is keen sense of fulfillment with these events, as they ceremonially launch future members of the Long Grey Line.


Planning a Cadet Sendoff Event requires some careful preparation.  With respect to timing, Citadel Clubs should strive to host events that do NOT conflict with the Citadel Success Institute (CSI).  CSI this year has one session: July 12th  – Aug. 3rd . As such, it is highly advisable for Citadel Clubs to host cadet sendoffs before or after CSI.

  • Before July 12th 
  • After - August 3rd


*For Citadel clubs to receive prioritized Upper-class cadet & Knob list for Cadet Sendoff Event (CSE) purposes, it is important that they complete their CSE event registrations prior to Commencement (May 15).  After that time, The Citadel's Office of Admissions will open CSE list requests to other interested independent event sponsors.

Citadel Clubs must employ a designated club officer to this effort, and shoudl only submit one request.

Upon online CSE event registration completion, The Citadel Office of Admissions will provide incoming Knob lists, and upper-class cadet lists (when requested) directly to requesting Club officer.   Cadet lists contain privileged information and may only be used for organizing cadet sendoff events.

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