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Why Learn German?

Graduate Testimonials
The following endorsements are from Citadel graduates whose language degrees have afforded them exceptional opportunities. To include your testimonial, e-mail Dr. Strobbe.

I am writing to you from a partially destroyed building in the Serbian-held town of Brcko. My platoon is guarding a bridge that the Americans and Hungarians repaired in order to ship equipment and supplies to the American sector. It is late and I am on radio watch (almost as fun as an SMI). Primarily, I want to touch base with you and let you know how and where I am. But I also want to let you know what a profound benefit having studied German has had on my life. Of course, being stationed in Germany, I used my language skills to speak with my landlord, introduce myself to neighbors, and most importantly order beer after beer. It's also helped me during field problems in Hohenfels, the Army's maneuver center in Germany. My men were very impressed when I . . . negotiated with the German mayor to let us guard the main water supply... But the true appreciation of my studies came once I arrived in Bosnia. The very first night we crossed from Croatia into Bosnia I used my German to coordinate parking my platoon's four Bradleys in the town of Ulice. The Bosnian Serbs were still manning the positions there and spoke more German than English.

Tyler Thomas, '93

I've had the experiences of a lifetime here in Europe. . . . I worked as a liaison to the German Bundeswehr because of language skills. I went straight from there (Regensburg) to Bruck an der Leitha, Austria, where I worked with the Austrian Bundesheer for 4.5 months! . . . I trained with them on weapons, vehicles, doctrine, and actually joined them on foot during a new-blizzard condition winter training infantry-mock-battle exercise. I made deep friendships with some of their officers, warrant officers, and NCOs. Spending time with them at work and with wine in the evenings allowed me to actually be one of them. . .

Jerry Joye, '95

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