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International Politics and Military Affairs

International Politics is fast becoming one of the most interesting and exciting subjects. Events such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the ongoing conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere highlight the potential violence involved in global politics. At the same time, the recent financial market crisis demonstrates that the economy is, indeed, global. Whether there is a famine in Africa, a flu outbreak in Latin America, or a change in world trade policy, nearly anyone, anywhere can be affected. Students of International Politics attempt to understand the implications of global events and how and why they happen.

Arising out of the wreckage of World War I, this field naturally focuses on how and why wars occur and how they might be prevented. It examines foreign policy, intelligence, diplomacy, the avoidance of war and the management of conflict. However, it also delves into greater issues concerning the nature and structure of the international system, power and justice, rights and duties as well as the issues of our time: nationalism, ethnic conflict, terrorism, environmental degradation, and poverty.

Graduates often join the military, the government, research institutes, international organizations, and business.

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Chad Dekold, ’19
International Politics & Military Affairs Major, 2nd Battalion

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