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Traffic & Parking Annex B (Assignment of Parking)



1)    Reserved spaces will be offered to the President and Vice-Presidents.  If a reserved parking space is not in use between 1700 and 0600, it is available to others authorized to use the parking area.

2)    Faculty and Staff vehicles with a valid parking decal displayed may park in any parking lot on The Citadel campus.  Assigned personnel should park in the lot closest to their work place.

3)    Contractor parking is normally limited to the "lay-down area" for construction project contractors and subcontractors, or in a specific lettered lot for the food service contractor.  Janitorial contractor parking on campus is limited to the senior supervisory personnel and is located adjacent to the janitorial offices.

4)    Adjunct professors must purchase a parking permit and park in the designated area in the Congress Street lot.

B.    CAMPUS RESIDENT PARKING:  Campus residents are aughorized to park in the designated parking spaces reserved for quarters.  Members of their household and visitors are authorized to park in these spaces and in other residential parking spaces not specifically reserved or designated.  All motor vehicles of campus residents must display a current parking permit.  Guests must obtain and display a temporary permit while parking on campus.


1)    Cadet spaces on campus are numbered and placed in lots designated for cadet parking only.  these spaces are located throughout the campus.

2)    Cadet spaces off campus are located at the Altman Center.  Second Class members (juniors) of the Corps of Cadets are assigned parking in this lot and on campus.

3)    Third Class members of the Corps of Cadets are assigned parking in the Altman Center parking lot.

4)    Sophomore members of the Corps of Cadets are not permitted to park on campus at anytime.  There will be times they will be notified to move their vehicles from the Altman lot, including dates of home football games.

5)    Weekend parking.  Junior members of the Cadet Corps are permitted to park on campus in Faculty and Staff lots located behind Capers hall ("A" Lot), Kovats Field, or the General Lot.  On football home game weekends and other event weekends, including Parent's Day and Homecoming, cadet vehicles located at Altman lot and any designated on campus cadet parking lots willl be required to park in the MUSC Harborview Tower parking garage.  Students disregarding the notice to move to Harborview Tower parking garage is subject to having their vehicle towed and stored at their own expense.

6)    Cadets are not allowed to park in campus residential parking areas at anytime.

D.    DAY STUDENT PARKING:  Day students must purchase a Faculty/Staff decal and park in any authorized faculty/staff lot on The Citadel campus.

E:    CGC STUDENT PARKING:  Evening students must perchase an evening parking decal.  After 1600 hours Monday through Friday, and on weekends, these students may park in any faculty and staff lettered lot, Avenue of Remembrance parking spaces, or Kovats Lot.  Prior to 1600 hours Monday through Firday, evening student parking is limited to the General Lot.

F.    SUMMER SCHOOL STUDENT PARKING:  Summer school students must purchase a summer school parking permit, and may park in any cadet space.

G.    GRADUATE ASSISTANTS:  Graduate assistants may purchase a parking permit and park in the designated area in the Congress Street lot.


1)    Symposium and convocationn attendees living on campus will be designated parking by area or space in a lot as convenient to the assigned living quarters as possible.

2)    Sports camp coaches, counselors, and instructors residing in barracks on campus will be authorized parking in the immediate vicinity or their barracks.  Participants staying in the barracks will park in the cadet parking lot located west of The Citadel Boiler Plant.

I.    MARK CLARK HALL GUESTS will be authorized parking in reserved spaces on Avenue of Remembrance in fron of Mark Calrk Hall


1)    Official visitors and guests of the College will be given specific parking locations, as determined by the Department of Public Safety.  The sponsoring office or activity must coordinate and request the assigned parking.

2)    Tour busses may unload passengers on campus, but must park in the Congress Street lot, if space is available.  overflow arrangements must be make with the Department of Public Safety.

3)    Itinerant visitors may park in spaces on Avenue of Remembrance, P-Lots (North and South) or in other visitor spaces on campus.  Public Safety  Officers may also authorized visitors to park in other lots/spaces as necessary.

4)    Visitors of housing occupants may park in undesignated spaces serving residents, in the vicinity of the host qarters.  Oversized vehicles, including recreational vehicles, boats, tarilers, etc., must be stored at The Citadel Baoting Center, as space is available.  If space is unavailable at the Boating Center, campus residents must make alternative arrangements with Public Safety, or locate these vehicles at an off campus location.


1)    Visitor handicapped spaces are located on Avenue of Remembrance and in other visitor lots on campus.

2)    Students who require temporary handicapped parking must obtain a temporary handicapped parking permit.  Public Safety will assign a designated handicapped space in the lot closest to their calsses.

3)    Faculty, staff, interagency, and contractor personnel who temporarily require handicapped parking will be assigned a handicapped space in the lot closest to their work area.

L.    ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT COURTESY VEHICLES:  Athletic Department courtesy vehicles will park in the I-Lot in the vicinity of Seignious Hall, Vandiver Hall, and McAlister Field House.  Courtesy vehicles must be identified with a placard issued by the Department of Public Safety while parked on campus.

M.    MOTORCYCLE PARKING:    Motorcycle parking is only authorized at the Huger Street motorcycle lot.


1)    McAlister Field House parking areas include all faculty and staff parking lots, the General Lot, and the Avenue of Remembrance, as spaces are available.  During basketball games, selected spaces in the immediate area of McAlister Field House are reserved for special categories of Brigadier Foundation members and guests of the College.  Major events may require the use of parking spaces located at the lot located adjacent to the Alumni Center at the intersection of Congress Street and Hagood Avenue.

2)    Mark Clark Hall evening event parking areas include the Faculty and Staff Lot adjacent to Mark Clark hall (M-Lot), the spaces on Avenue of Remembrance, the General Lot, and all other faculity and staff spaces on the north end of campus, as available.  Parking for daytime events during the workweek is limited to the space on Avenue of Remembrance and in the General Lot.

3)    Chapel parking on the weekend includes all spaces on Avenue of Remembrance, the Faculty and Staff Lots adjacent to Mark Clark Hall (M-Lot), Jenkins Hall (L-Lot), and the General Lot.

4)    President's Quarters activity parking includes all spaces available on Kovats Field and at the curb of Hammond Avenue.  When school is not in session, the Corps of Cadet spaces adjacent to 4th Battalion and in the Infirmary Lot will also be used.

5)    Coward Hall evening event parking includes the customer, faculty, and staff spaces adjacent to The Citadel Laundry & Dry Cleaning Plant and The Citadel's Cadet Store.  Parking on the east curb of of Hammond Avenue between Coward Hall and Washington Light Infantry Field (WLI) may also be used.

6)    Deas Hall parking is available in the visitor spaces at the east end of the building and in the faculty and staff spaces in the vicinity during weekends and after 1600 hours (I-Lot).  the General Lot is available at all hours.

7)    Academic Auditorium Parking:

a.    parking for Jenkins Hall, Mark Clark Hall, and Grimsley Hall will be in the General Lot and on Avenue of remembrance from 0700 to 1600 hours monday through Friday, when the College is in session.  On weekends and evenings, parking will also include the faculty and staff spaces in the vicinity of M, L, K, I, and P lots.

b.    Parking for Duckett Hall and Byrd Hall will be on Avenue of Remembrance and at Johnson Hagood Stadium from 0700 to 1600 hours Monday through Friday, when College is in session.  On weekends and evenings, parking will include the faculty and staff spaces behind Capers Hall, Kovats parking lot, and P lot.

8)    Visiting Teams will be parked in the General Lot.


 Johnson Hagood event parking is available in The Citadel controlled lots adjacent to Johnson Hagood Stadium on the east, south, and west sides of the stadium, grassed areas adjacent to City Gym, ahnd the Medical University lot on Fishburne Street.  Arrangements must be made with the Director of Parking for the Medical University of South Carolina for use of Harbor View Towers.  Arrangements must be made with the City Department of Parks for parking in Brittlebank Park.

P.    The Citadel Beach House:

1)    The Citadel Beach House honors all current Citadel permits during hours of operation from Tuesday through Sunday, unless reserved for a specific event or group.

2)    Brigadier Foundation members with membership at the Century Club level or above may park at The Citadel Beach House on a space-available basis, unless the area is reserved for a specific event or group.


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