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Public Resource Policy

Before using any public computer a user should understand and agree with The Citadel's guidelines for using public workstations:

"By choosing to use this workstation you agree to comply with The Citadel's Computer and Networking Policy."

Restarting, before and after, is the safest way to use public use computers.  It restores The Citadel’s configuration, removes dangerous files, and prohibits the next person using the computer from accessing your personal and private information.  Always use good judgment before submitting personal or financial information via internet or email.

Failure to reboot, both before and after using this machine, could result in the disclosure of your personal information to the next user of this computer, to other users connected through the internet, or to both.  The Citadel makes no representations as to the security of personal information on this computer.

If you experience any problems, please contact the Help Center (953-HELP) or put in a Hotline.

Computer Lab Policies:

  • save files to CD/DVD, WebMail Google Drive, email, or pen drive
  • save, save, save ... SAVE OFTEN to avoid losing your work! 
  • any file saved to My Documents will be deleted when the PC is restarted
  • no eating, drinking, or tobacco products in the labs
  • do not print more than 3 copies of any page on the lab printers
  • no transparencies allowed in lab printers
  • using the lab computers to display pornography will not be tolerated
  • be considerate of others using the labs ... switch cell phones to silent mode
  • use of cell phones and loud talking is prohibited in the labs

Teacher Cadets Lab Use Policy:

  • All teacher cadets must use the Bond Hall Room 252 computer lab and must sign in at the Help Center.
  • All teacher cadets are expected to leave the lab at 6 PM. NO LATER, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Printing Guidelines:


The Citadel has provided unrestricted printing for many years. The past few years have seen a steady increase in printing volume and cost. Several universities across the nation have successfully implemented print quotas to reduce waste and cut costs. The Citadel has no plans at this time to implement print quotas, although this may be necessary in the future.

Digital DawgPrints is available, for a fee, for any personal or high-volume printing.


  • Only current Faculty, Staff employees and currently enrolled students have printing privileges.
  • Students should restrict their printing to that required by their coursework, resume preparation, cadet-related activities or any other Citadel-related responsibilities.
  • Faculty and staff should utilize departmental printers for general printing and submit large-volume and color print jobs to Digital DawgPrints.
  • Faculty should utilize CitLearn, the Learning Management System (Blackboard) to post files that can be shared with electronically and encourage students to avoid emailing or printing multiple copies for the class.
  • This policy will affect all lab printers.

Always be mindful of what you print to optimize use of Citadel resources and avoid waste:

  • Confirm you are printing to the correct printer
  • Collect your print job from the printer
  • Use Print Preview to confirm you are printing the correct document with the appropriate settings
  • Confirm orientation is correct to print landscape vs. portrait
  • Avoid printing multiple pages if only specific pages are needed
  • Always logoff to avoid someone else using your account to print
  • Remember that print jobs may be delayed several minutes due to heavy user load
  • Avoid resending a job to the print queue multiple times
  • Check to confirm you have picked up your own print job, not someone else's
  • Cancel a job sent to the print queue if it is not needed

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