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What to Bring

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What to Bring - Clothing and Personal Items
All cadets are required to furnish their own bed linen except for the bedspread and one blanket, which will be issued. Beds and mattresses are provided, but pillows are not. One plastic mattress cover will be issued at cost to each cadet. All cadets must bring the following articles:

  • One pair of conservative style pajamas (optional)
  • Twelve white cotton, crew-neck tee shirts
  • Twelve pairs of white underwear - at least 4 pairs of jockey shorts (male)
  • Twelve pairs of white cotton panties (female)
  • One pair of long johns
  • Twelve pairs of black crew length socks (calf length)
    • NOTE: Black cotton socks are suggested. Experience has proven that the wearing of socks made of synthetic materials has contributed to blistering and, in some cases, secondary infection.
  • Twelve pairs of white cotton crew-length athletic socks (calf length)
  • One bathing suit, solid black or solid navy blue (females: conservative one piece)
  • One pair of shower shoes
  • Ten white cotton towels
  • Ten white cotton washcloths
  • One pillow (standard size)
  • Three white pillow cases
  • Four white, non-fitted sheets for single bed
  • One additional military-style blanket for a single bed (solid conservative color, warm)
  • Twelve white handkerchiefs
  • Toilet articles
  • One pair of good cross training shoes (non-marking soles) in a subdued color such as white, navy, or black (may have contrasting trim.)
  • One pair of good running shoes (non-marking soles) in a subdued color such as white, navy, or black (may have contrasting trim.)
  • Three pair of black biking shorts (Cotton Spandex) for optional wear with physical training uniform.
  • One pair of military style boots. Contact The Cadet Store at The Citadel for specifications. 800.868.1842 extension 5166.
  • Two pairs of military style, plain toe, smooth leather, black oxford shoes with rubber heels. Experience has shown incoming cadets who have properly broken in their uniform shoes and boots have significantly fewer problems with their feet. It is important that new cadets break in their uniform shoes prior to arrival. Please make every effort to accomplish this task as early as possible. Shoes made of patent leather or poromeric are not authorized. You will not be permitted to wear shoes that do not meet this criteria.
  • Boots and shoes are available at The Citadel Cadet Store. Summer store hours are Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM. Call (800) 868.1842 extension 5166, or (843) 953-5166 to check on item availabilty. Boots and shoes must meet specifications.

Additional Items for Female Cadets:

  • Five white, beige, or skin-colored regular bras
  • Five white, beige, or skin-colored sports bras
  • Five pairs of neutral, black, or skin-colored pantyhose
  • One pair of black military style, leather or corfam, pumps with closed toe and closed heel with a 1/2" to 1.5 heel. Shoes are not to have straps or any kind of buckle or decorative styling.
  • One black leather or flat black vinyl military style handbag, no larger than 8 1/2" by 11"with or without shoulder strap. Suede handbags are not authorized. Handbag may have a handle or shoulder stap with a buckle. Handbag may not have any decorative styling.

As The Citadel does not furnish bedding items, cadets shipping their belongings to the college must bring two sheets, one pillow case, and their pillow for use until they are able to access their belongings.

  • The following items may be brought with the new cadet or obtained later (*items are available on campus):
  • One reading desk lamp*
  • One picture with frame no larger than 8" x 10" *
  • One radio, stereo, CD player or tape recorder (no more than two speakers no larger than 12" x 24")
  • Computer & printer
  • One alarm clock *
  • Oscillating or window fan - floor fans on a stand are not authorized



Trunks and suitcases can not be stored in cadet rooms. Only one overnight bag for overnight travel may be kept in the room. All other luggage is to be stored at the central warehouse at the risk of the Cadet.


Luggage may be shipped to The Citadel in advance of your reporting date. It should be clearly marked with the Cadet's name, company assignment (if known) and addressed to:


Central Supply - The Citadel
171 Moultrie St.
Charleston, SC 29409


Physical Fitness Requirements

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