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Minor in Philosophy

Minor in Philosophy

The minor in Philosophy, consisting of four courses in Philosophy and a fifth course drawn from a designated group of related courses in various disciplines, is designed to give students (1) an introduction to the history of philosophy and major issues in philosophy (accomplished in PHIL 201), (2) a grounding in major approaches to critical thinking (PHIL 202), (3) advanced study in selected areas of philosophy (provided by at least two upper-division Philosophy courses), and (4) the collateral connection provided by at least one related course in another discipline.

Structure of the Minor:

To earn a minor in Philosophy, a student must complete fifteen (15) credit hours of course work, distributed as follows:

I. Required Basic Courses. Both courses must be completed; total of six hours credit;

a. PHIL 201 Introduction to Philosophy

b. PHIL 202 Reasoning and Critical Thinking (Logic)

II. Upper-division Philosophy Courses. Any two of the following four courses must be completed; total of six hours credit:

a. PHIL 301 Ethics The Undergraduate Curriculum

b. PHIL 302 Philosophy of Religion

c. PHIL 409 Seminar in Philosophical Topics

d. PHIL 410 Man in Crisis: The Problems of Good and Evil

III.Upper-division Electives. One of the following courses must be completed; total of three hours credit:

a. BADM 305 Legal & Ethical Environment of Business

b. ENGL 371 Literary Paradigms of Leadership

c. ENGL 407 Principles of Literary Criticism

d. ENGL 426 Creative Writing: Fiction

e. ENGL 427 Creative Writing: Poetry

f. HIST 321 The Middle Ages

g. HIST 322 Renaissance and Reformation

h. HIST 329 The Ancient Greeks

i. HIST 361 Early Islamic History

j. HIST 362 Modern Middle East

k. LING 300 Introduction to Linguistics

l. MLNG 410 European Literary Movements, 12th Century to 1789

m. MLNG 411 European Literary Movements, 1789-Present

n. PSCI 304 American Political Thought

o. PSCI 348 Theories of Peace and War

p. PSCI 371 Leadership in Politics

q. PSCI 392 Political Theory

r. PSYC 305 Social Psychology

s. PSYC 306 Theories of Personality

t. PSYC 403 Psychology of Learning

u. PSYC 405 History and Systems of Psychology

v. A special topics course or independent study (any department) approved by the Department Head of English, Fine Arts, and Communications as suitable for the Philosophy Minor.

Total Credit Hours Required: 15, at least 9 of which must be completed at The Citadel.

For further information, please contact the Department of English, Fine Arts, and Communications. 

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