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Citadel News Service
6 May 2006

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Awards

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award is a bronze medallion presented by the college through the New York Southern Society to students or others in recognition of high thought and noble endeavor.

Cadet Thomas Edward Hill

As the Hotel Company Academic Officer, Cadet Thomas Edward Hill has dedicated himself to helping others achieve academic excellence. Through his leadership and commitment to serve others, Mr. Hill displays the quality of character and service exemplified by the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award.

A Civil Engineering major from Greenville, South Carolina, Mr. Hill developed leadership skills by assuming new responsibilities within his company each year. As a sophomore company clerk and later a junior platoon sergeant, he successfully balanced his academic and military responsibilities, earning Dean's List recognition four times.

Mr. Hill worked to improve the academic performance of his company and demonstrated a commitment to the success of others by implementing several programs that helped fourth class cadets adjust to the significant academic demands at The Citadel. However, the most compelling measure of his success comes from those he assisted. In an assignment given to freshmen in Citadel 101 classes, Hotel Company cadets cited Mr. Hill as the cadet they admired most because of his kind, encouraging style of leadership. They praised him for his selfless devotion of time and for his ability to motivate others through encouragement and positive reinforcement. Mr. Hill has discovered one of the keys to effective leadership - the ability to bring out the best in others.

Because of his commitment to academic excellence, his strong leadership and his service to others, Mr. Thomas Edward Hill is the ideal cadet recipient of the 2006 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award.


Dr. Conway F. Saylor
Professor of Psychology

Dr. Conway Saylor has devoted her life to serving people with disabilities. Her compassion and commitment to improving the lives of those with disabilities has shaped her work and exemplifies the qualities of character and service recognized by the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award.

A Virginia native, Dr. Saylor holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Colorado College as well as a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. After teaching at the Medical University of South Carolina, Dr. Saylor joined The Citadel's Psychology Department in 1990 and has earned honors for her dedicated service. She has received The Citadel's Faculty Achievement Award twice, and has been named a Citadel Faculty Fellow and a Krause Award winner. State and national professional societies have likewise recognized Dr. Saylor for her excellence in teaching and dedication to the field of child and adolescent psychology.

While at the Medical University, Dr. Saylor began working with special needs children. Her work there sparked a passion for helping those young people and their families. She became active in advocacy programs such as the Parent-Professional Alliance, and she eventually expanded her work to include community initiatives. Her desire to see children with disabilities thrive in social and academic environments led her to create the Peer Express Project which brings children with and without disabilities together in recreational and arts programs. Through such programs, children with disabilities can experience levels of participation and acceptance they might otherwise be denied and children without disabilities learn valuable lessons about friendship and acceptance of those who are different.

Dr. Saylor has impacted the lives of countless Citadel cadets by involving them in her work through internships, research, and volunteer opportunities. Her life and work inspire Citadel graduates to embody the spirit of selfless dedication to others as they carry out their own service to society.

Because of her professional achievements and commitment to serving others, Dr. Conway Saylor is the ideal faculty recipient of the 2006 Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award.


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