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Forms and Guidelines





Proposal for Research Involving Human Subjects

Must be completed to request approval of research involving human subjects

Grant Purchase Authorization Form

Must be completed for all grant purchases $500 and over

Add Pay Form

Request for additional pay or compensation

Time and Effort Certification Form (Fall)

Time and Effort Certification for faculty and non-hourly staff for the Fall semester

Time and Effort Certification Form (Spring)

Time and Effort Certification for faculty and non-hourly staff for the Spring semester

Time and Effort Certification Form (Summer)

Time and Effort Certification for faculty and non-hourly staff for the Summer semester

Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension and Ineligibility to Receive Federal Awards

To be used to certify if a principal, subcontractor, or subrecipient is eligible or  ineligible to receive federal funding

Conflict of Interest Certification

For researcher to disclose interests, key relationship and existing financial interests relating to a project

Federal Grant Compliance Checklist


Checklist of compliance forms, certification,  and policies that have to be on record for federal grants

NSF Training Certification

For principal investigators to certify whether a student and/or post doctoral scholar have had Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training




Budget Justification Template

Sample budget justification for grant applications

Consultant Letter Template

Sample template for drafting agreement terms with a consultant

Current and Pending Support Template

Sample template for preparing current and pending support for grant applications

Letter of Support Template

Sample template for drafting a letter of support

National Science Foundation Reference Guide

A simple guide for preparing proposals to the National Science Foundation




Internal Deadline Policy

Policy for timely submission of grant applications

Proposal Submission Checklist

Overview of proposal submission process

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Guidelines

General guidelines on the IRB process

Direct Charging of Administrative and Clerical Costs

The policy on charging administrative and clerical costs to grants

Fringe Benefit Chart

The fringe benefit rates

Drawing Federal Funds

Policy on drawing down federal funds

Faculty Salary Rates for Federal Grants

Policy for determining faculty salary and effort on a grant

Spending Authority

Policy for spending authority on a grant

Federal General Grant Requirements

Policy for ensuring faculty knows the general requirements on federal grant

Prior Approval Requirements

Policy on items that require prior approval on government grants

Unallowable Costs

List of items that are unallowable on government grants

Principal Investigator Reporting Requirements

Reporting requirements for grants

Indirect Costs Charged to Sponsored Agreements

Policy and rates for sponsored agreements

Rebudgeting and Indirect Costs

Policy on re-budgeting on government grants

Close Out Procedures

Procedure for closing out a grant award

Determination of Non Research Grants

Factors that determine how to allocate indirect cost recoveries

Equipment Transfers

Policy on equipment transfers

Cost Sharing Requirements

Policy on matching, cost sharing, cost contributions and in-kind

Executive Order 12372-Intergovernmental Review

Overview and requirements of Executive Order 12372

Credit Card Charges on Grants

Policy on credit card charges to grants

Operating and Non-Operating Revenue

Policy to determine operating versus non-operating transactions

Cost Transfers

Policy for making cost transfers on a grant

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