The Military College of South Carolina
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The 2015 Honor Committee is comprised of cadets selected from their companies to enforce and advocate for the code of ethics that defines The Citadel. In a world where honor is threatened and those who claim it are under constant scrutiny, the protection of these ethics is our privilege.

Our Honor Code is simple: “A cadet does not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do.” However, it is important to recognize the gravity of this affirmation. It is not simply the refrain from these actions, but in fact a life-style choice. Honor is a life-style; constant, conscious, and unbending. It is our mission to equip the Corps of Cadets over their four year cadet career to develop a personal and unwavering understanding of the Honor Code. We recognize that our day-to-day conduct and interactions, whether in the classroom, the profession, or anywhere else, contribute to an overall adoption and fostering of the Honor Code.

Education on this code is essential to setting the bedrock. Thus, members of the 2015 Honor Committee provide honor training throughout the year, pertinent and progressive for every class. We reiterate and support the understanding and self-actualization of living by an honor code, specifically addressing its practical employment while at The Citadel and striving to keep those standards high and clear. Cadets are trained to understand there is never a situation in which they should participate in, nor tolerate, dishonorable activities. Beyond The Citadel, the core values of honor and integrity are precisely the values which allow cadets and alumni to improve their professional organizations and communities.

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