The Military College of South Carolina
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The Purpose of the Code


With respect to enforcement of the Honor Code, the Honor Committee acts only in response to accusations. In other words, each cadet is responsible for upholding the Honor Code. It is each cadet's duty to report violations to his or her Company Honor Committee Representatives.


In addition to enforcing the Honor Code, the Honor Committee also serves to provide education and advice in matters relating to the Honor Code. Through the education program each cadet is given the opportunity to grow in understanding the Honor Code. It is the Honor Committee's intention that each cadet evolve from simply abiding by the Code as a freshman to enforcing the Code as a senior and living the Code as a graduate.


The primary mission of The Citadel is to educate and produce principled leaders. I feel that the Honor Code is the most important facet of this mission. If we are to take character development into our own hands, then we as the Corps of Cadets must embrace the spirit of the Code. This means that as cadets, we must make it our top priority to strive to live in accordance with the Code. The Citadel does not make you an honorable person; it merely provides the signposts. You must make the commitment to be an honorable person yourself. If you make the commitment to embrace the spirit as well as the letter of the Code, then you will be blessed with the benefits of honor and integrity, and they will follow you for the rest of your life.


(Brett S. Miller, Cadet Lieutenant Colonel, Chairman, '06-07 Honor Committee,, June 2006)

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