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General Rules for Mexico Study Abroad

1) Leave all ball caps at home. Only the "ugly American" proudly wears his/her "beautiful" baseball hat while abroad. Mexicans associate this garb with typical Americans or sunbathers.

2) Do not walk barefooted indoors. It is unacceptable in Mexican culture to walk around the home without socks or slippers. Be sure to wear socks on your feet at all times (except for staying at the beach). It is also unacceptable to be "bare backed" in public; unless you're on the beach, keep shirts on at all times despite the heat.

3) If you already have Pesos on hand while "out on the town," there is no need to carry your ATM card as well. Make your best effort to keep monetary instruments separated. For example, if you're meeting a friend for coffee, leave all your credit and ATM cards at your Mexican home; you will only need pesos for this particular outing.

4) Always be conscious of your need to erase the stigma of the "ugly American" created by our ethnocentric countrymen that have previously visited Mexico. Your sensitivity to all aspects of the Mexican culture will enhance your study abroad experience. Remember: you are the visitor in their country. Be respectful and understanding at all times. If you are not prepared to do this, you should consider withdrawing your candidacy in the program.

5) Absolutely no alcoholic beverages permitted on buses. No drinking alcohol during excursions.

The Citadel Spanish immersion in Mexico

Cadets at a waterfall in the
village of Cuetzalan

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