The Military College of South Carolina
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Post-Graduate Careers and Opportunities

The study of languages is instrumental throughout the World as well as in the United States.

Languages will be fundamental whichever career-path you choose. For example:

* U.S. Army (Foreign Language Proficiency Pay)
* U.S. Airforce (Foreign Language Bonuses open to all Airmen)
* U.S. Coast Guard (Foreign Language Proficiency Pay)
* U.S. Marines (New Bonus Rules for Marines)
* U.S. Navy (Active, Reserve Sailors with Foreign Language Training Eligible for Pay Bonus)


* Administration

* Law 

* Diplomacy

* Business & International Business: International trade officer, International Business Analyst, Bilingual Customer Service Specialist, Management Consultant, Hospitality Industry, Any Industry with Importations/Exportations...

* Marketing

* International aid/Development worker

* Governmental / Non-Governmental Organizations: Foreign Services Officer, Foreign Affairs Specialist, Immigration Officer, Customs Officer, International Development, Political Aid, Community Worker, etc.

* Education: Teacher, Professor, International Student Advisor, Coordinator for Study-Abroad Programs

* Interpreter, Translator


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