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The STA-21 Program


Welcome to the NROTC unit at The Citadel

The NROTC unit at The Citadel has an active duty
that is heavily involved in the battalion.
STA-21, short for
Seaman-to-Admiral-21 is just one of
many ways one can obtain a
commission in the
United States Navy. The Citadel has produced
outstanding officers currently serving in the Navy
. This is a fantastic program,
filled with
opportunities to further your education, develop leadership skills and work with cadets to effectively
and efficiently command The
Citadel NROTC unit. As an Officer Candidate, STEM programs that The Citadel
provide are the only majors that can be selected. These include all
engineering degrees, Chemistry, Biology,
Mathematics, Computer Science
etc. When a participant successfully finishes this program, they will have
obtained a 4-year degree in a technical major and have earned
a commission in the United States Navy.

Corps of Cadets vs STA-21:

To dispel any confusion, Officer Candidates involved in the STA-21 program are not cadets nor are
they members of the Corps of Cadets.
They are enrolled in classes at The Citadel only. Overlap of
Candidate and cadet life occurs only during NROTC unit activities. Cadets involved in the Navy
unit either have an NROTC scholarship or are
competing for one. These cadets as well as the Officer
Candidates make
up the NROTC unit at The Citadel.
Roles of an Officer Candidates in the STA-21 Program:

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Officer Candidates, OCs, attend classes full time during the regular fall and spring semesters. During 
the summer, OCs are required to report
to the NROTC unit as well as take summer courses. Most
Officer Candidates
begin this program with previous college credits. Because participants take courses
every summer as well as having the transferred credits, they usually
finish a 4-year degree in 3 years. OCs are
required to go to NROTC labs twice
a week. Unit fitness training is Wednesday
mornings beginning at
0530 and last approximately 1 hour. Unit activities, such as field-training
also require attendance.
ravenel_bridgeLife as an OC and the Benefits STA-21 Offers:
This program will maintain participant’s active duty status,
meaning they will receive all pay, allowances
and benefits while
enrolled in the program. When
attending school at The Citadel,
the time will be
included as time-in service but not toward
The Navy will provide $10,000 for tuition and books.
Anything else needed will be paid for by the sailor. Officer
Candidates, because of their active duty
status, wear a uniform
every day; in-line with
the Citadel uniform of the day. Areas surrounding The Citadel do not offer much
housing for sailors and their families.
Most Officer Candidates live in the North Charleston area, with a
30-minute commute. OC's have the option to take night classes, which helps with avoiding Charleston traffic.

Student Loans and Grants:
Student loans and grants can be applied for by putting in a FAFSA (Free Application 
for Federal Student Aid). If using any loans, regardless of the source, this must
be completed. Officer candidates in the STA-21 program can also be eligible for grants
and scholarships. Filling out the FAFSA form is essential to receiving these benefits.
Any other information can be found by reaching out to The Citadel Financial Aid Office
(Financial Aid Information).

VA Benefits:
The Citadel has a V.A. coordinator in the Financial Aid Office that can answer all questions
pertaining to the benefits the V.A. offers. Her name is Sally Levitt and she can be contacted at
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